The lines on your palmWhen was the last time you looked at your hands? What did you see? I’m not talking about the oil covered hands of a grease monkey or chewed finger nails of a nail-biter; no, I’m looking beyond the workplace disadvantages and bad habits, I’m talking about discovering the true you, where you have been and what the future holds; I’m talking about palmistry aka chiromancy: the so called pseudoscience of interpreting the meaning of the lines, lumps and bumps on the palm of your hands.

A modern day method of hoodwinking and/or fleecing the gullible public or an alternative science to the school report or work appraisal system (and let’s face it, these had little impact or dramatically changed our lives!)?

Could palmistry be the answer to sorting out our ‘life direction’ and motivation problems in the same way that herbal remedies are a popular alternative to conventional medicine for our physical complaints?

Contrary to popular belief, the art of palm reading is not a modern day phenomena; known as Samudrika, it has been practiced in India and China for at least 3,000 years and it continues to be an important method for many in guiding them into the areas of their greatest potential.

Those involved are keen to point out that it is not fortune telling, but information about the person’s strengths and weaknesses, giving them the opportunity to take a different path from the one they are on; and as every person not only has their own unique hand ‘print’ so the story told will be different from one person to another.

It is also more than just looking at the lines, the whole hand is examined; hand and finger shape and size, ridges, dips, colour, texture etc. Then there are major and minor lines and what may seem a faint, faded or broken line to you is something far more interesting to a palm reader. The shape and direction of each line, the length and shape of fingers and nails and the construction of the palm itself gives the palm reader clues as to the life you have had so far and what may lie ahead.

The four major lines are heart, head, life and fate; the first three are usually fairly easy to see, it is the fate line that is sometimes interrupted or faded and for many readers, the most important one.

It is also essential to look at both your hands; the left hand reflects the inner person and is controlled by the right hand side of the brain that deals with the emotions, imagination and art. The right hand reflects the outer person and is controlled by the left hand side of the brain where analysis, language and sequential thought take place.

So just what do the various lines on the palm of your hand mean?

The Heart Line reveals your emotional characteristics; what sort of person you are when it comes to kindness and forgiving others; how successful you are in love and relationships. If the line is deep then so too are your affections and if the line is long then you are likely to be ‘ruled by the heart’; if the end is split you are likely to suffer from an internal conflict and be ‘in two minds’.

The Head Line is linked to your intellect and your ability to concentrate as well as the health of your brain. If you have a long head line, then you are able to think about various topics whereas a deeper line indicates a mind that focuses on single subjects.

The Life Line tells you about the important events that have occurred during your life and those that are yet to happen. It is also directly linked with your life span and physical well being; a longer line meaning a longer life and a break in the line suggesting something may happen in the future that will affect your health. It reveals our level of stamina and enthusiasm for life. The ideal shaped lifeline is considered to be thin, deep and semi-circular.

The Fate Line (or Line of Saturn) is the mainstay of all the other lines and deals with your aspirations and destiny. Depending on the direction and shape of the fate line, you may be a dynamic self made success or someone with musical or artistic talents. A wavering line suggests the person is indecisive and materialistic. The fate line could be the opportunity you have been looking for to find out how you might be able to improve your lot.

So you see there is a great deal more to palm reading than you may have thought, there will be no shrouded crystal ball or mysterious cards being shuffled but a ‘professional’ palm reader who may be able to tell you not only where you have been but also guide you to where you want to go.

So forget about New Year Resolutions or the Daily Mail’s Jonathan Cainer’s advice, find your nearest palmist to see where you have been going wrong all these years and more importantly, how you can put it right!

Happy New Year!

The Future Is In Your Hands

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