FireworksMy December post talked about just how fast time flies by, which is quite apt given we are now launching into yet another New Year … it seems like only yesterday we were welcoming 2014!

But here we are again; out with the old and in with the new. Time to shake off the old you and commit to that new regime so that by this time next year, it will not only be yet another new year but a new you!

So now is the time to set some targets and stick to them with your NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS.

Easier said than done? Not at all.

For me, I am going to revert to the days when I had a desk job in an office that I didn’t have to share with dirty shoes, school books and dumped dirty laundry, and when I had authority over more than two recalcitrant boys, a toaster and a washing machine.

I shall revert to the days when I set staff targets that were in line with corporate aims; in short I am going to think about being SMART.

Not the wardrobe, clean cut, spit & polish smart, but the mnemonic sort:






I’ve decided to revert to my staff appraisal days because it has to be said there is a benefit in this technique which I have now re-discovered.

So how do I succeed and overcome my 2014 resolution failures?

I must break down my ultimate goals into smaller semi-targets; so that rather than having one great humongous goal looming on my horizon, with a feeling that I will never reach it, I must dribble my way up the field bit by bit, dodging the obstacles and using tactics and nifty manoeuvres, keeping my eye on the ball, the opponents, the playing field itself and of course the goal at the end.

So when that 2015 whilst blows, I shall be ready, hockey stick or pen in hand; with ideas, plans and objectives in mind.

It may take several different strategies and an occasional regroup but I have one major advantage now I no longer work for an international corporation or for that matter play in the school hockey team … I not only make the rules, I can break the rules!

So whatever it is you want to achieve, be bold, be brave but above all, be SMART!

Happy New Year!

New Year New You

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