We had some interesting extremes this week; from enjoying a walk along the Wessex Ridgeway from Uplyme to Lyme Regis on Sunday afternoon wearing a T-shirt without feeling cold, to putting a thick winter coat and gloves on because I had to scrape the ice off the windscreen on Wednesday morning.

Such is the variety of our weather especially at this time of the year; you must expect the unexpected and woe betide you if you put away your winter woollies in favour of shorts and flimsy tops.

But despite that icy blip, we have enjoyed some fabulously sunny and warm days this week and doesn’t it make such a difference to the way one feels! For instance on Thursday, with sunglasses donned, I walked along my usual route to work at the brilliant Marine Theatre. Down Hill Road (if ever there was an ideal name for a road, that is it!), over the bridge where the River Lim meets the Lynch and along Coombe Street. One of the many pretty streets in Lyme Regis with some beautiful old buildings that, due to the age and condition of some, are no longer able to stand erect. I usually pass at least one person I recognise and we exchange morning greetings, but this particular day I didn’t see anyone I knew, however I did catch up with and pass a couple of holidaymakers who were strolling along hand in hand enjoying the ambience of the early morning quiet.

I was just a few yards ahead of them when I suddenly heard an enthusiastic and vocally confident rendition of that Howard Keel hit from ‘Oklahoma!’

Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day…

I naturally stopped and turned to smile at them and gave the man a round of applause congratulating him on his deliverance of the song, to which he replied,

“I couldn’t help myself, it has to be done!”

His wife was smiling happily, obviously used to his exuberance and as I continued my walk I could hear him singing the rest of this absolute favourite song of mine. I was half tempted to suggest he should come along to the theatre and offer to share his talent with members of our very gifted Lyme Regis Musical Society who are performing Thoroughly Modern Millie next month.

It was such a lovely addition to that sunny morning and as I arrived at the theatre with its backdrop of a glistening sea and Golden Cap in the near distance, I thought about the day ahead because this week the Marine has been alive with an amazing mix of live theatre. Not just to the sound of music but to the high spirited hilarity of comedy with Reginald D Hunter performing to a full house on Tuesday night, as well as the experimental R&D (research & development) actors who use the valuable time and space the theatre can provide these groups as their production evolves from simple ideas to something they can perform.

Alongside this we had our part to play in the annual Fossil Festival, this year’s theme is ‘Time, Tides and Tectonics’ and Friday saw several school groups coming in throughout the day to be entertained and educated with songs and activities.

The Festival is continuing throughout the weekend, here’s the link http://www.fossilfestival.co.uk/programme/home

And talking of the Musical Society, they will be arriving as the dinosaur remains are leaving, because next week is the rehearsal week when all the creases are ironed out of the costumes and the performers’ deliverance. Then sandwiched in between the frisky flappers is the Slimming World Club that meets each week and on Friday we have the brilliant Ayesha Hazarika: the State of the Nation. Possibly the most qualified person there is to put the world to rights with her stand-up comedy show.

Since Reginald’s performance (which sold out very quickly), demand for tickets to watch Ayesha have rocketed, so if you’re hoping to see her perform, I  wouldn’t hang about. Here’s the link http://www.marinetheatre.com/ayesha-hazarika-state-of-the-nation-friday-5th-may/

Such is the variety of the Marine Theatre programme you must expect the unexpected and woe betide you if you delay buying your tickets, though flimsy tops and flip-flops may be worn!

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