Another week has gone by in a flash which is surprising because when I was researching the whole concept of time passing at 100 mph, I was reliably informed by those who know that the more varied and full your life, the slower it becomes.

Well whoever said that has either discovered the secret of eternal youth or is on another planet because I couldn’t possibly have had a more varied week!

My walk into work, no longer encumbered by the closed Monmouth Street, is now more often than not in need of sunglasses as most mornings the sun is well above Golden Cap and starting to arc over Portland. This always creates the most beautiful scene as I approach the Marine Theatre that has an enviable position overlooking Lyme Regis harbour. I frequently stop and stare at the spectacular vista taking in our Jurassic heritage and breath-taking view from Eype on one side to the famous Cobb on the other.

Of course I also have the best office view in the country but I have to say it’s not often I have a chance to appreciate it and as I say, certainly not this past week because the Lyme Regis Musical Theatre were in residence. They started by building the stage sets, then the orchestra pit and finally the extended dressing room that ran from one end of the theatre to the other.

Thoroughly Modern Millie is no small production; the stage had to become the streets of New York, Hotel Priscilla, the offices of Sincere Trust, a prison and the Café Society. Now anyone who knows the Marine Theatre will understand just how well our stage can be adapted to meet everyone’s needs and with the ingenuity of some nifty carpentry, the LRMT soon set the scenes. The orchestra pit was created using wooden panels that were shrouded in blue fabric, the only challenge was when one or two of the orchestra had to use a step up to clamber over the barrier; it was a compact and bijou arrangement with the exact space needed for the eight piece ensemble + conductor.

The show is running from Tuesday 9 May to Saturday 13th and each one is a sell out which means the auditorium has to accommodate over 130 seated people plus the tech team, but with our completely adaptable seating, any configuration is possible so they set up 9 rows on one side and 10 on the other with the tech tucking into a bay at the back.

It was an excellent performance despite the leading lady having just the previous week been in hospital; there was tap dancing, singing, comedy and drama, everything you could hope for!

But that wasn’t all, because in the midst of Millie, the theatre accommodated its weekly gig of Slimming World which meant the auditorium had to be cleared straight after the performance on Tuesday night so first thing Wednesday morning Charley and her team could lay out their tables and chairs ready for her many members. Of course it had to be returned to its Millie state after the slimmers left, but with a quick SOS to our wonderful volunteers, we soon had the 100+ chairs laid out. It was as if nothing had happened!

In between all this, we had our fundraising committee meeting of which I am part; we are marking Dame Vera Lynne’s 100th birthday with ‘The Nightingale Sang in Marine Square’ on 19 August. It promises to be a fantastic night with a 1940s theme, a Vera performer, jiving, ration pic-nic supper, the Wrens serving gin cocktails in the Officers’ Mess and maybe, just maybe some Marines (no promises). Photographer Si Emmett and Colmers Hill Fashion’s Penny Callaghan arrive on Monday to do a photo-shoot for Dorset Magazine, so that will get next week off to a flying start!

So I will persevere with this theory of doing something different each day to try and stop time flying by, there’ll be no difficulty doing something different but I won’t hold out any hope of my days slowing down!


The smell of the greasepaint, the roar of the crowd, another week flies by!
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