We, along with most of the country, enjoyed a heat wave this week; people were arriving in Lyme Regis in their droves to have a paddle or a swim in the cooling waters or give their 2017 suntan a kick start (although I read in the news that the hole in the ozone is over the UK at the moment so the advice is to keep covered; judging by the lobster red legs, arms and faces I saw it seems very few took this advice on board).

We had a different sort of wave at the Marine Theatre when James Rowland performed ‘Every Brilliant Thing’. This highly provocative and poignant play reveals the tragedy of depression and suicide both on the victim themselves and family members. But despite the deep unhappiness you feel for the character, there are also some very funny moments including when James had the entire audience creating a huge non-stop Mexican Wave that he kept  going by running round the inner circle of his stage. It was a very successful evening and everyone enjoyed it.

Everyone enjoyed the Salsa! night too; this wonderful Caribbean dance session was followed by a refreshing drink in the Marine Theatre Bar but rather than heading back home at the end of the class, the lively group headed back into the auditorium for another spontaneous cha-cha-cha, sweeping their partners across the floor to the sound some energetic Latin music.

But then the theatre does love music as much as it loves drama just as much as it loves film and this week saw another blockbuster film being screened by the Marine Cinema; the 2016 biographic Lion starring Dev Patel and Nicole Kidman. There are some great films scheduled, take a look here http://www.marinetheatre.com/marine-cinema/

All was quiet on Friday morning, but it was very much the quiet before the storm; well not so much a storm as a whirlwind of excited jive and jazz performers who arrived en masse at around 2pm; they had arrived unexpectedly early (probably wisely so given the town was gridlocked from lunchtime as holidaymakers arrived), so organiser Julie Shepherd was soon on the scene making sure everything and everyone was where they were meant to be. The office was soon filled with a wide range of beer, ale, soft drinks and snacks (I have quickly realised just how precious storage space is at the Marine, so the moment someone finds a gap, they fill it!)

And talking of food, I suffered the nuisance of our local feathered hoodlums as I sat outside on Theatre Square to enjoy my packed lunch. I stood up for just a few seconds to get a signal on my phone and before you could say turkey salad sandwich wrapped in tin foil, a seagull had swooped down, grabbed it and was gone, tin foil and all! So an unplanned trip up the hill to Tesco was needed.

Anyhow, I discovered thanks to that social media wiz Twitter, that Saturday 27 May was #InternationalJazzDay and I’m guessing it was no coincidence that the Lyme Regis Jazz & Blues Weekend http://www.lymeregisjazzfestival.co.uk/ was taking place. Many of the tickets have sold out so it’s going to be quite some show.

But as I said before, that’s just what the Marine is all about, keeping everyone entertained and for all you reggae fans, get your tickets NOW before they sell out for The Marley Experience on Friday 2 June http://www.marinetheatre.com/the-marley-experience-bob-marley-tribute-friday-2nd-june/

And if it’s half-term children’s entertainment you’re after, you’ll like According to Arthur on Wednesday 31 May http://www.marinetheatre.com/according-to-arthur-monday-29th-may-to-thurs-1st-june/ let’s face it, you’ll either need to shelter from the hot sun if this gorgeous summer sunshine continues, or, if the usual Bank Holiday cum half term weather appears, you’ll need to shelter from the rain!

Whatever you do, if you’re in the area, why not drop by and say hello, I’ll make sure there’s room enough in the office…unless someone else discovers I have a bit of space left in there!

Heat waves & Mexican Waves, Salsa & jive; things are getting pretty steamy down at the Marine Theatre
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