When it comes to being a new parent you soon get used to lots of repetition, lots of questions and lots of unusual behaviour, it’s all part of the joy of seeing your little creation grow and develop. Then comes the nail biting moment when your offspring leave the cocoon you have created for them and equipped with your wisdom and advice they step out into the real world.

It’s felt a bit like that in The Marine Theatre during this last week.

When a small group of newbie performers arrived here many months ago, their heads fizzing with ideas, we welcomed them with open arms and an open space thanks to our Research & Development (R&D) programme that allows people the time and environment to develop their ideas. It is always fascinating to see how these projects develop; sadly some never reach the final stages but when they do, we can’t help but feel a bit of that ‘proud parent’ moment knowing we are an integral part of their success story.

“Five thousand dollars” and “you clearly don’t understand our American sense of humour” were two phrases I have heard over and over this past week as one of our R&D groups, The Outbound Project rehearsed ’12 Million Volts’ that tells the story of Nikola Tesla There were quite a few other bits of dialogue I became familiar with and along with the enormous roll of bubble wrap and torches that sat in the corner of the auditorium, I was excited to see how the play would turn out http://www.theoutboundproject.com/upcomingopportunities 

But then seeing things develop and move along is all part of the excitement and anticipation of working in a theatre like the Marine and never more so than this week when the windows were installed in what will soon be the new office. Up until now the room has been used as a chair store, an extension of the dressing room and a dumping ground for everything that couldn’t find an immediate home. It has been a while in the making with plenty of discussion and lots of ideas being batted about, but after much thought the project got underway and there are now some very smart landscape windows looking out across the vast sea that stretches to the far horizon. The next stage will be fitting the door. After further discussion and deliberation a decision was made.

When the office moves to its new location it will give us much needed space and somewhere for our Artistic Director, Clemmie Reynolds, to call her own. Currently she shares her room with a large quantity of stage props, some catering equipment that is being temporarily housed whilst Dottie Kitchen relocates and more often than not, one or two performers who need somewhere to change into costume.

At the same time there was something going on upstairs in the Marine Bar as Ali McLoughlin makes ready for her Dottie Kitchen to open in July. What was the bar store room will be transformed into a food preparation area and from Monday – Friday people will be able to buy their lunchtime Panini and drink whilst enjoying the ambiance of the theatre and of course the best view in Lyme Regis.

So lots of new beginnings this past week and if the Outbound performance is anything to go by, I think we can be sure our latest productions will be a resounding success with plenty of parental pride!


12 million volts and a nice new window
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