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There’s one thing for sure when it comes to the diverse range of activities that go on at the Marine Theatre, no sooner has your day begun than it suddenly comes to an end; the days literally fly by. But when I realised it was the last day of June on Friday, my heart sunk. Half the year has gone and I haven’t made the slightest dent in my 2017 wish-list and when someone mentioned the ‘C’ word in the form of “it’ll soon be Christmas”, I cried out, well more of a whimper, I simply cannot begin to think about that!

But that’s the thing about theatre, time has no meaning, the scheduling and programming has to be planned months in advance; we already have shows booked for next spring and a wedding in September 2018. Time really does fly, but whilst the days have been whizzing by, had you visited the theatre during the rehearsals for Monmouth, you would have been forgiven for thinking you had stepped back in time to the 17th century, more specifically, the time of the civil war when the Duke of Monmouth had a plan that started on the shores of Lyme Regis. Under the expert tutelage of theatrical director Clemmie Reynolds and movement director Johnnie Hoskins who is teaching them how to mimic holding, loading and firing muskets, had you witnessed the scene you’d have been forgiven for thinking time had gone into reverse! 

In an altogether different dimension was a performance by JSLN Dance who portrayed a scene from Austin Powers in ballet (they did ‘Allo ‘Allo last year, certainly an interesting choice of TV shows!). I watched a few minutes of their rehearsal; I always wince when I see dancers and the like doing the splits, sitting there quite comfortably with their legs flat to the floor.

And talking of flat to the floor, well pedal to the metal at least, I’m looking forward to ‘The Drive’ week after next. The Marine was host to these playwrights and performers many months ago, could even be over a year since they were developing the idea under our Research & Development (R&D) programme. Now it’s a fully fledged cleverly crafted play that is well worth watching

But if you truly want to step back in time, come along to our big fundraiser The Nightingale Sang in Marine Square when we will be stepping back to the 1940s; it’s time to pack all your troubles in your old kit bag, make your way to the officer’s mess and sign up for a fantastic evening of Dame Vera Lynn nostalgia and feel-good song and dance. I’m part of the organising committee for this event and whilst I won’t be doing the splits, I hope to learn a few jive moves

The first person to mention the ‘C’ word will be dealt with appropriately
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