There are occasions, when the holiday season is over, that I look at my work schedule and think ah, a few days respite, time to regroup and recharge; but that is a fallacy because every time a space opens up at the Marine Theatre, there is something that leaps over every hurdle and sprints into the gap before I have time to draw breath. There’s one thing the Marine isn’t for very long and that’s quiet and restful, it’s like a finely tuned athlete fidgeting at the start line or a thoroughbred racehorse chomping at the bit in the stalls, her walls, ceilings and stage tremble to the echoes of long past performances; the songs, laughter and dialogue of countless shows reverberate off every surface inviting the next performer to join the theatrical cacophony of times past. Which is why, with one midweek performance, every minute of each day this past week was fully occupied.

Of course ‘Mr Darcy Loses the Plot’ was unsurprisingly a big hit and as always happens, audience numbers rocketed in the last few days leading up to the show with quite a few people turning up to buy tickets on the night. There was a lot of tech required for this show and our engineer soon had the lighting and sound exactly how LipService Theatre wanted and with a full house everyone had a great night. The show finished at around 10pm but even after the final member of the audience had left the building there was still much to do as the stage set had to be dismantled ready for the next curtain-raiser.

I would have liked to stay and watch this brilliant version of Jane Austen’s classic novel but I was on duty that night, this time over in Bridport at the Beach and Barnicott. Now don’t get on your high horse, I wasn’t moonlighting; I’m part of the team that makes up the Apothecary Spoken Word night that happens the second Wednesday of every month and this time round I was in charge of collecting the entrance fee (£1.50 for those taking part and £2.50 for those who just want to listen). It’s great fun and there is everything from a singing pea aka Jane Silver-Corren to poems by Jurassic Coast resident poet Sarah Acton. They have a FB page if you’re interested

The B&B have recently changed hands and have coincidentally decided to have a half price Prosecco night on a Wednesday, what’s not to like?!?

Anyway, back to the Marine Theatre where it never slows down; other than being a fantastic little theatre by the sea, we also host a number of events including wedding celebrations and let’s face it, what could be more unique and extraordinary for that special day than a theatre that is not only steeped in history but has the joy of drama and excitement running through her veins? All our wedding parties take over the theatre from midday on the Friday to midday on the Sunday, so from Friday lunchtime it was all hands on deck to transform our open auditorium into a bride & groom’s banqueting hall. Once more our technician was on hand to help set up tables, chairs, decorations, lighting and microphones; a familiar routine for him but this time, unlike Mr Darcy, the stage was set for a performance that will go on for many years to come!

So by the time Friday came round I cannot deny I was flagging just a little and with no energy or inclination to cook, it was fish & chips from Lyme Fish Bar (the best F&C in Lyme IMO) for dinner, feet up, fire on, nodding off. But like the Marine, I do not rest for long and on Saturday night I enjoyed an evening of storytelling by author Izzy Robertson accompanied by her very talented son Ged who supplied the background music. There were fairies, ghostly galleons and a pirate princess . It was a lovely evening and the icing on the cake was knowing it was supporting the Word Forest Organisation who are doing an incredible job, more details here 

The day of rest aka Sunday, invariably turns out to be more full-on than Saturday, I really don’t do ‘take it easy’ very well so with a gap starting to appear I filled it with a number of duties and unlike the theatre, my echoes are very much in the present with demands from my sons for mum’s taxi services unlimited!

Maybe I’ll find a gap this coming week, our next show is on Friday with Aladdinsane – A Tribute to the late David Bowie but I have a hunch there maybe a few things leaping in between now and then.

The Beach & Barnicott, Mr Darcy Loses the Plot, a wedding and storytime

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