I often wonder how the Marine patrons of years past organised things like the theatre programme because on the one hand I am incredibly excited at the prospect of our new programme being published, but on the other I am full of trepidation at the thought I have missed something off or made a mistake. But when our new autumn/winter programme arrived I was tempted to crack open a bottle because this time round it has been quite a task; with the help of our acting director/programmer we made a few major changes to the schedule and managed to secure some top quality performers in the space of a very short time.

We have the Paul Young performing on Friday 13 October (unlucky for some but not if you have managed to buy your ticket before they sell out!), then there’s Britain’s Got Talent winner Lance Corporal Richard Jones a week later. Perhaps one of our biggest coups is Ben Waters on Thursday 30 November and our comedy line-up is worthy of the Apollo with Kerry Godliman, Tom Allen, Flo & Joan and Fern Brady.

Here’s the link if you’re interested  http://www.marinetheatre.com/whats-on/

So I’m sure you can see just why I’ve been getting a little bit excited.

Then there’s the programme cover picture to think about. This is always a tricky one because it needs to be seasonal, tell a story, be interesting and fun and always attractive. We were lucky this time round because we had something that ticked all the boxes and will continue to be in vogue until the end of December. It is the beautifully crafted, utterly intriguing, charismatic and fun loving Vera. This historic piece of Dorset’s maritime history is more than fitting given the theatre’s own colourful past and both are testament to the dedication shown by their respective champions and protectors.

But with all this talk of winter, we were treated to a brief warm interlude with some late summer sunshine on Tuesday; the child-free holidaymakers who help to extend the Lyme Regis’ season, were comfortable in their T-shirts and shorts strolling along the seafront enjoying their ice creams. But this sunny snapshot didn’t last and it was soon back to the rainy days and whilst the stalwarts stuck it out with bare legs, most reverted to full length waterproofs.

Luckily for our new Theatrical Director who starts officially on 16 October, it wasn’t raining on the day she dropped in to meet our volunteers. We have a monthly meeting to update the vols on the latest news. More often than not it’s a small contingent that turns up and with the U3A trip to see Beautiful clashing with our meeting, I didn’t expect many but it was an opportunity to meet our new TD so a good number did turn up despite the clash. It was an interesting hour with plenty of questions being raised and I have a feeling that the next meeting will be even livelier as our new Sales & Marketing person will be in place.

In between all this, I was invited to join a select few to listen to Paul Dodgson and his ‘On the Road Not Taken’ tour. This is a novel and new approach to literary sharings where Paul is the house guest of the chosen host and people gather in the living room to listen to Paul’s memoires and music in readiness for his next book that he is hoping to publish via Unbound, a new innovative way to publish. Having enjoyed the Magic Oxygen and Apothecary open mic nights, I am very keen to add this type of literary celebration to my portfolio.

The week ended on a high and also a low. We held a Macmillan World’s Biggest Coffee Morning on Friday 29 September; this had been suggested several weeks ago and we all agreed it would be a great idea. Little did we know just how close it would be to our hearts, for it was just a few days after we had set the wheels in motion that one of our trustees passed away quite suddenly and unexpectedly from leukaemia. The Macmillan organisation tells us that one in three of us will face cancer, that is a huge and tragic statistic. We raised a large amount of money through the generous donations from the masses of people who came along to enjoy some delicious cake in the pop-up tea room we had in the theatre auditorium.

So as ever, it has been a varied and lively week and with the new sales person starting on Monday, I have a feeling this coming week is going to head off in a new and exciting direction giving our grand old lady of entertainment a whole new lease of life so she can add to her already rich mosaic of entertainment and build on the foundations that were put in place by our Georgian ancestors and you know what, I think they might just approve.

Our Georgian ancestors, the new autumn/winter programme, a literary living room and Macmillan World’s Biggest Coffee Morning

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