We had a new office space created several weeks, might even be months, ago. It was something that had been thought about for a while; the original theatre office used to be in a separate building and was very typical with three desks, filing cabinets, small kitchen area and so on. It had two huge windows that let in a lot of light and looked out onto the road. The windows were decorated to make them look like a stage set and there were all manner of posters and stage props lying around that gave it a general theatrical feel. When they moved the office into the theatre, the only available space was a small under-stair store room where the theatre cat used to live, but after some well thought out desk plans, it was soon converted into an office, albeit a rather bijoux one. The cat went to live elsewhere.

But in the spring of this year it was decided improvements were needed and with a new programmer plus a sales and marketing person joining the fray, a new office was carved out of the chair store room. Still a storage space but this one had huge windows and no cats.

After weeks and then months, it started to take shape and when the desk was put in place, I wasted no time before moving in.

The sun blazes through the three huge windows that look out onto the sea and whereas our previous view was quite something, with a landscape vista, now the view is spectacular although it is sometimes necessary to block the view when the blinds are lowered; it’s either that or wear sunglasses and that’s just weird.

When Angie Mack from Bristol arrived, it was a gloriously sunny Thursday and if there’s one thing to completely bowl you over, it’s Lyme Regis in the warm sunshine out of the main holiday season. The sea looks positively Mediterranean and the pretty little harbour that is protected by the North Wall and of course the famous Cobb, is fascinating to watch as the fishing boats come and go (take a look at the Lyme Regis webcam). They naturally ‘wowed’ the view from the new office window and after a quick bite to eat at the Galley Café just up the road, they were ready to start filming.

Angie’s transformation from jumper and jeaned bespectacled Bristol girl to sparkly glittery glamorous hula hoop girl was a bit like watching a scene from Superman when he goes into a phone box as Clark Kent and re-emerges as the cloaked superhero.

After a few practice sessions she was soon dancing around, balancing and twirling a brightly coloured flashing hoop. There were Z-spins, the hand toss, lasso and barrel roles to name but a few. The music was catchy and energetic and it left me exhausted just watching her!

They had been looking for a theatre close to home to shoot a video but had struggled to find anywhere willing to accommodate them so when we made it a quick and simple process, they were happy to travel the hour and a half and even more so when the sun was shining brightly After their session they went down onto the sea front to enjoy a cooling beer!

But that’s how we roll at the Marine, we like the quirky and we are always interested in the unusual and talking of which, the incredible weather returned on Sunday and after testing the water with trouser legs rolled up, I soon had my swimming costume on and was riding with the waves as I went for my first ever autumn swim.

OK maybe it wasn’t exactly Med temperatures, but it was an incredible thing to be swimming in the sea in October. I wonder if Angie has ever done aqua hula hooping?

A move, the hula hooper and an autumn swim
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