Every Wednesday, regular as clockwork, Slimming World arrive; Charly and latterly Krys, turn up at 8.30am on the dot along with a car full of bags, boxes and paraphernalia. I switch on all the lights including the corner spotlight for their membership corner and they set up tables and chairs in a formulaic pattern. Soon after 9 the members start to arrive and this week, due to half term, there was the addition of several young children and a dog (not, I presume, that the dog goes to school, maybe it was entertainment for the children whilst their parent was weighed in).

They’re a lively bunch and there’s quite a clamour for a couple of hours. But this week was their last week; we did wonder if they had been victims of their own success; there can’t be many organisations that try to persuade their members to do something in the knowledge that if they achieve their aim, they will no longer come. There’s something of a paradox in their success criteria.

Turns out they’re going back to their original location, the Lyme Regis football clubhouse.

Anyway, talking of success, it was the Dorset ‘Volunteer of the Year’ ceremony this week, I nominated the theatre volunteers who are an incredible bunch of people working tirelessly for the Marine. There’s one lady who is extraordinarily modest about her achievements; she is the champion raffle ticket seller and has such a persuasive manner, no one has yet refused. Sadly I was unable to attend the event as I had a long standing appointment, but I hope to hear all about it next week. The new marketing manager went along and he has a good eye for a decent photo opportunity; he’s been putting some cracking images on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, so I’m hopeful he will have plenty of interesting shots to share.

I couldn’t go because I was up in London for a couple of days. I’ve been going every year for the past 14 years; the main purpose is for my son’s annual heart check-up, he is a Great Ormond Street success story, so each year we turn it into a mini break and having spent most of my working life there, I quite enjoy my London ‘fix’ and we always visit one of the big stores and at least one museum.

Our first destination is usually Harrods where we ride the Egyptian escalator up to the toy department to play with all the remote controlled gadgets then back down to the food hall to look at the exotic foods but this time we went to Selfridges and this time my sons decided to head off on their own with a “keep you phone switched on” backward glanced comment.

I ran the perfume department gauntlet and ended up smelling like a tart’s boudoir and I only managed a brief foray into the chocolate section before my phone rang “£400! They are selling a T-shirt for £400!” my son’s incredulous tone rang out. We went to their Cookie Bar and bought a £4.50 cookie sandwich made with raw cookie dough.

Our museum of choice was the Imperial War Museum. You know when you go back to a place you went to as a child and everything feels so much smaller because you’re bigger? Well I can promise you, the 15 inch naval guns that sit outside are still gigantic! It’s an incredible museum that is well worth a visit.

We also went to Camden Market.

What an amazing place! It has every conceivable food stall and everything else you can possibly imagine ever wanting to buy and all at a reasonable price. It was busy but seemed to flow and it had a wonderful bo-ho community feel to it definitely helped by the gloriously sunny autumn day. Sadly my sons were beginning to flag so I wasn’t able to properly browse, but it’s definitely on my list of places to revisit.

And of course the week rounded off with the end of British Summer Time; the clocks went back one hour making it temporarily lighter in the morning but darker at night as we re-join GMT.

It’s Halloween this coming week, better dust down my broom in readiness.

The last Slimming World session, volunteer of the year, Selfridges’ Cookies and the Imperial War Museum
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