I’ve stopped marking my birthday with any great celebration, mostly because it’s a reminder that another year has passed without me achieving my goals, although to be fair I haven’t done too badly this year. But I don’t make a big deal like I used to, you know the sort of thing, you go down to the pub at around midday (for me it was the Slug & Lettuce just below Canary Warf) with all your work colleagues and maybe get back to your desk at around 3 if you were lucky. No, I didn’t let on, however I forgot about Facebook so my cat was soon out of the bag. I also had some lovely cards which is always nice.

I had a vague plan of a nice family meal but my youngest son went off to a Halloween party and because I got embroiled in an email from a magazine asking me to rejig an article they want to publish, I completely forgot about the food in the oven and ended up with cremated bangers and mash. But I consoled myself with a mini bottle of prosecco and a piece of cheesecake with 3 candles stuck in it.

It doesn’t help that British Summer Time comes to an end around my birthday. It usually takes a few days for my body clock to adjust to the winter jet lag, but despite the clocks going back and saying au revoir to the summer, we enjoyed yet another warm and sunny week. This meant Lyme Regis was busier than usual which is good news for local businesses who rely on the short tourist season. From our vantage point in the theatre office, we see quite a few holidaymakers ambling around Theatre Square; it’s the perfect spot to sit and enjoy your fish & chips, subject to the behaviour of the local seagulls!

Anyway, we had an interesting selection of performers this week. On Thursday it was Gravity Drive supported by Grace Gillan, Ian Gillan’s daughter. I didn’t see them perform but I was told they were very good and will hopefully return next year. But it was our comedy night on Friday with Andrew Lawrence that was interesting. Given Andrew’s recent controversial comment on social media relating to Weinstein, I decided to drop by and see what the fuss was all about. What I wasn’t expecting was to see a member of the audience giving Andrew a heckle of an altogether different kind.

Mustafa Bonehead (that’s what he said his name was) claimed to have been in the audience at a gig in Cambridge in 2010 when Andrew made him feel quite wretched and he was very keen to talk about his experiences, he even had a dossier of events with him. Andrew went along with it and the audience continued to find it quite hilarious.

I’m not sure what happened in the second half as I had a pressing engagement elsewhere. I hope to hear all about it from the Duty Manager.

Anyway, one of the things about having a Halloween birthday is that Guy Fawkes Night follows soon after and this year there was also a spectacular ‘Beaver’ moon to enjoy. The Marine Bar was open to Theatre Friends and a host of other people to enjoy the spectacle of the fireworks. I chatted to some interesting people including Geoff Baker, he of Guitars on the Beach and Ian Dicks, he of Financial Times cartoonist. They all seemed to have a good time and I can honestly say this year was better than last and the bonfire was still glowing amber two hours later.

So what with a little bit of fizz to start the week and some loud colourful bangs to end it, I think that beats a three hour session in the Slug & Lettuce any day!


A birthday, jet lag, a rather unusual heckler and fireworks

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