Space, especially storage space, is a premium in the theatre and being the sort of person who is reluctant to throw anything away, it is not unusual for me to find room for something, safe in the knowledge that whatever it is, when it’s needed again I will be pleased I found somewhere to keep it. However, when it comes to space for things like lost property, we have a drawer for that and also a window sill. We now have a large collection of sunglasses and spectacles, a phone cover, a camera and a vaping pouch along with a mixture of jackets, scarves and jumpers.

However, the trouble with lost property is that the person who lost it may not realise they have lost it and by the time they do realise, they have been to several different locations so they are unsure just where it was lost. But that was not the case this week, not only did she remember roughly where she lost it, the story had a very happy ending.

I first heard the message on our answerphone:

“Hello, I came to the Jazz in the Bar on Sunday night, I was sitting at the front and I think I lost my earring there. It’s a very plain earring but it means a lot to me. It’s a beautiful Azure blue. If you find it, please let me know”

Straight away I searched the Marine bar, scouring the floor, checking behind the bar and in the store room. Nothing to be seen. The floor had been cleaned twice since the jazz night so I feared it was long gone into the dirt-filled bag that was Henry’s innards. However, our eagle-eyed staff had obviously seen it because there it was amongst the sunglasses, sitting on the window sill in the Box Office.

I rang the lady with the good news.

To say she was pleased would be an understatement, she told me a little bit about the earrings and that the previous Christmas her daughter had given her some wool in a similar colour and she had just knitted herself a snood with the wool so her daughter would see she had made something to complement her favourite earrings. She said she would drop in sometime to collect it.

But like space, time is also a precious commodity. I never have enough of that either. Having dropped off my car at the garage the previous evening so it could be serviced that day, I had to rush over in the afternoon to collect it. With super-lightning speed I took less than an hour to get over there and back to my desk. I needn’t tell you when the earring lady dropped into the theatre.

However, the next day at 11am she was reunited with her special piece of jewellery; she was very obviously pleased and close to tears.

“That’s made my day, what a wonderful way to start Christmas”

I couldn’t help but notice the colourful knitted snood she was wearing.

Our Christmas week continued with many more happy faces; the community free showing of It’s a Wonderful Life, the children’s Christmas craft workshop and the double bill of The Snowman and Father Christmas.

No earrings were lost but there was a wonderful happy feeling left behind by everyone who came and we will always make extra room for that.

The famous Marine Bar
Earrings and jingling all the way to Christmas
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