Some weeks fly by as one day merges into the next and at the end of it I have nothing to show for it; but occasionally I have a week that is jam-packed with events and goings-on. Take this past week for instance, even by Thursday it felt like I was getting my money’s worth.

When I worked in the gig economy I had to work out a schedule to include five different jobs, but I could fit in all the other extras like a hair cut, visit to the dentist or seeing friends. Working full-time means I have to be a bit smarter with my time keeping.

It probably helps being surrounded by a hive of activity, it puts you in the right frame of mind. This week a bar has been installed downstairs in the theatre along with the framework for a new lavatory for disabled users. There has been sawing, hammering, drilling and cutting.

Then there was the GCSE ‘options evening’ at my son’s school. I won’t go into the politics behind this whole method along with the change in grading structure, suffice to say I don’t agree with much of it, but it did mean getting to the school for 5.45 and not leaving until 7.30. This in turn meant a quick light supper, much to my other son’s annoyance who raided the cupboards whilst I was gone, in search of anything that could be turned into a quick three-course meal (he’s still at that age of teen hollow legs syndrome).

Probably my greatest achievement was going to the hairdresser. I know right, my “greatest achievement”?! But my days of discussing options, looking at hairstyles, booking a date and being able to stick to it rather than changing it 5+ times, are long gone. In fact it was only when I commented on the new layout of the salon that I realised how long it has been since I had a haircut – they had had the work done before Easter 2017. But at least I can now see rather than looking through a mop of frizzy mess.

Of course working for the Marine Theatre means I get to see a great mix of performances, from high drama to comedy and literary events to jazz. On Thursday we had This is the Kit performing; it was a very full house and they clearly have a huge following, so I thought I would drop in to see what all the fuss was about. They were very good and it made me think of summer days in a meadow, daisy chains, picnic blankets and great bonhomie. Although knowing my luck it would be raining, cowpats and bad tempers hidden under umbrellas.

One of the other things about my job is stepping in where needed, for instance when Julie Sheppard of Jazz Jurassica said she wanted someone to escort guests to their table. It was also an opportunity to wear a wonderful Indian tunic my sister had brought back from her recent trip to this remarkable country. I went the whole hog and wore some high (for me) heeled evening shoes I haven’t worn for several years…suffice to say I won’t be wearing them again for several more years, always assuming my toes recover and I can wear any shoes at all now.

Then there was the wedding party I showed round, the rugby match I watched and the house we are refurbishing.

I thought about booking my next hair appointment but with the National Theatre Live coming to the Marine next month, I may well step in to help with the anticipated full house but there’s one thing for sure, I’ll be wearing sensible shoes.

Making time for a hair cut and always wear sensible shoes

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