I thought I’d gone back to the future this week when South West Water arrived with what looked like a flux capacitor that they positioned just below our office window. I spent several minutes pondering what it could be; yet another masterpiece of mechanical engineering to be squirreled away in their underground cavern that houses the immense local waterworks, a giant balloon inflator, a rocket launcher?

I didn’t have to wait long to find out because with an almighty engine noise and volcanic sized eruptions of thick acrid exhaust fumes, it was soon obvious it was a gigantic diesel generator. I’m not entirely sure what they were using it for because after it had been running a couple of hours they turned the beast off and removed the harris fencing ready for it to be moved elsewhere.

Anyway, enormous noisy machinery apart, it was back to school for many this week after the half-term break. I still think a full week for half-term is too long; when I was at school, not so long ago, we were lucky to get both the Friday and Monday tacked onto the weekend, sometimes it was just the Friday. Perhaps it’s something to do with the snowflake generation of school children and teachers. But for us parents, it was a blessed relief to be able to get back to normality.

On Tuesday I went along to a very interesting exhibition at the Salt House in West Bay; I was invited by Litter Free Coast & Sea to one of their Plastics Surgeries that puts forward ideas for reducing the plastic pollution our oceans and beaches are suffering. I spoke to Purple Planet and London Bio Packaging about their compostable food and drink containers but it’s not quite as straight forward as you may think. The compostable items of crockery cannot go in your domestic compost bin, they have to go to specific industrial sized composting facilities of which there sadly are not many. It is of course a great start on this important crusade, but I think we still have a long way to go.

Anyway, it was nice to visit West Bay, it’s been at least a year since I was last there and I forgot just how pretty it is. I used to go there a lot with my sons when we first moved down here and we always stopped off at their brilliant playground to finish off the day.

I had a good week with my writing. My article on Lord Curzon and his love affair with Elinor Glyn in their Montacute House love-nest was published in Somerset Life and my Marine Theatre monthly column appeared in the new Lyme Online newspaper.

Do you remember I had a pitch at wedding fair last spring? I was promoting my wedding poetry that I had found was becoming more and more popular. Having hooked no one on day one, I used a different tact on day two, I ran a lucky-dip competition to get people’s email addresses. As it happens I didn’t get a single piece of extra business from it but I did end up offering to write a 12 line poem for free as a result of my competition. I wrote that poem this week and emailed it off thinking I’d be lucky to hear anything back. However they did reply and it seems despite it being a freebie and despite it being much shorter than most of my commissions, they loved it and I made one of them cry because she liked it so much!

We had a full house on Friday night with the Cara Dillon performance. I cannot deny I hadn’t heard of this Irish folk singer, but I soon understood why she and her husband/musical partner are so popular. Their music was not only unique but it was mesmerising, I felt drawn in and somehow enwrapped by her beautiful voice and his wonderful guitar/piano playing that captured the whole audience. I can highly recommend going to see them if you get the opportunity.

So quite a mixed bag but then it always is, I can never be too sure what my week will turn up, wouldn’t surprise me if I saw someone on a hover-board.

A flux capacitor, compostable food containers and a love affair at Montacute House
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