‘Life is like a box of chocolates’ or so Forrest Gump says and I rather like that philosophy because there are some weeks when all I seem to get are the Turkish delights and coffee creams but at other times I pick the delicious chocolate ganache or sweet praline. This past week was a ganache and praline week with so many pleasant and enjoyable things going on.

It started with a new month and some fantastic cold bright winter weather that was very welcome after the dull dreary wet days we had been having. My ice scraper wasn’t up to the job so I had to resort to pouring tepid water on the car windscreen, but I have to be quick with the wipers or the water freezes. I have also learned not to stand too close to the car when I do that or risk being splashed in icy cold water.

I was invited to enjoy a cup of tea and slice of cake with a great supporter of the theatre who lives just a stone’s throw away; her flat overlooks the theatre and she shared some wonderful stories with me of the comings and goings she has witnessed over the years.

We were delighted to welcome back Jenny and Peter Wiles, two fantastic supporters who recently moved away from Lyme Regis and who have done a tremendous amount including fund raising, volunteering and helping to produce many very successful shows. The Marine Bar is the perfect place to hold an informal get-together, it’s quirky and just the right size for a small gathering. If you haven’t enjoyed a drink in there yet, you really should.

Then of course we had the #SuperBlueBloodMoon when the moon was at some particular point in the sky to make it look extra large and shiny and some people were lucky enough to see the lunar eclipse. I’m sure I remember the astronomical bods saying something along the lines that the moon wouldn’t be as close to Earth as it was in 2017 for another 30+ years. Seems to me there have been more super moons over the past 12 months than there were in the last 12 years. But who am I to disagree?

It did mean there was an incredibly low tide, around .43m which always fascinates me because the shoreline becomes level with the harbour wall and I bet there are all manner of interesting finds along there that people have dropped over the edge.

We had some very welcome guests for two days. Miranda and Trudi who work in the Tourist Information Centre just a few yards from the theatre, needed a port in a storm. Well, less of a storm, more of a painter and decorator who was freshening up their office, so they debunked into the theatre with a ‘pop-up’ TIC for a couple of days. It was actually quite useful because they are also our Box Office so I didn’t have far to walk to take our show tickets and information.

Friday evening arrived along with our technician who set the scene for our Marine Film Night. They were showing Dunkirk, a remarkable story of incredible bravery. Our film nights are becoming very popular and whilst there aren’t any boxes of chocolates to enjoy whilst you watch the big screen, we do have plenty of popcorn and bags of Maltesers and I guarantee there won’t be a Turkish delight amongst them.

Turkish delights, pralines and a pop-up Tourist Information Centre
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