British Summer Time, more snow, a loo seat in the sun and the dance of the cygnets

British Summer Time arrived and right on cue the sun shone and it was warm enough to sit outside. I was taking a break from house refurbishing so I carried my cuppa and two custard creams outside and found myself sitting on the first thing I saw – the old lavatory we had removed from the downstairs bathroom

Lists, volunteers and reduced price custard slices

I love a list. I always have a list at the weekend; the first thing I do after my usual bowl of cornflakes with fresh fruit and yogurt (unless it’s a Sunday when I have a bowl of Jordans strawberry Country Crisp), is think about what I want to get done that day and/or over the weekend.

Then there’s my weekday list which is quite different from the weekend one, I may even start a supplementary list after I’ve arrived at work and often resort to post-it notes for the really important stuff.

Yes, my lists are legendary.

Fire drills, songs on breast-feeding and mansplaining. Just an average week for me

What a difference a week makes; OK, it wasn’t ’24 little hours’ but we have moved from temperatures as low as -6 to an explosion of fresh green shoots appearing along with double digits. We also had a fire drill this week. There was plenty of interest in the process, especially when I momentarily forgot how to silence the alarm.

Emma and the Beast and my undeserved midweek treat from Aroma

Emma and the Beast; sounds like some sort of seedy Channel 4 horror show but whilst it wasn’t seedy it definitely was horrific as two weather fronts collided to create havoc and disaster and as a general rule I treat myself to an Aroma Cafe decaf cappuccino once a week on a Friday.