Emma and the Beast; sounds like some sort of seedy Channel 4 horror show doesn’t it, but as we all now know, whilst it wasn’t seedy it definitely was horrific as two weather fronts collided to create havoc and disaster. But despite all the warnings and the dramatic weather forecast, I think it’s fair to say most of us, myself included, were caught out when it finally hit.

I started the week quite innocently, enjoying the exquisite frost patterns and shiny diamond shapes on my car first thing in the morning on Monday and Tuesday. Those beautiful frosty patterns always fascinate me and I am in awe of how Mother Nature creates such amazing shapes. I’m sure my neighbours must have wondered what on earth I was doing each morning taking pictures with my phone so I could share my fascination with my online world. My Twitter timeline was a medley of very woolly sheep lying on white frost covered grass, fabulous sunrises and people dressed in their Arctic outerwear.

My husband had very thoughtfully bought me a large can of de-icer to spray on the car windscreen, but I kept forgetting about it and scraping the ice off each morning is very habit-forming and strangely therapeutic as you work out the most effective way to get the longest single scrape that gets it started, usually at the bottom where the heating has started to have an effect. Or maybe you’re the tepid water in an old milk carton sort of screen clearer.

Generally just about by the time I reach the car park the car is just starting to warm up and the front and rear screens are defrosted and demisted.

‘Aroma Cafe know me pretty well now, they don’t even need to ask me what I want’

This week also saw the last day of February and the first day of Spring. Now as a general rule I treat myself to an Aroma Cafe decaffeinated cappuccino each Friday, it’s my way of rewarding my week’s achievements, whatever they may be. The staff in there are used to me going in at around 11am and don’t even have to ask what I want. I quite like that, being a ‘regular’. Anyway, because it was the last day of February on Wednesday, I decided to mark the occasion with my usual Friday treat. I know, the decadence, what is more, because it wasn’t Friday, I didn’t feel it was quite deserved. Little did I know what lay in store!

Meantime, the Marine Theatre office was positively buzzing with excitement as we tied up the loose ends of our special children’s Easter week. From biscuit making to yoga to dinosaur stories. On top of that was the Georgie Fame performance that is already nearly a sell-out.

Anyway, Thursday arrived along with Snomageddon. Schools closed, buses were cancelled, train services reduced and as I walked through Lyme Regis a huge orange snow plough drove past. It was beginning to feel like the OK Corral when everyone fled before the baddies arrived in town.

“You’d better come and see this.”

The morning passed without a flake to be seen, we watched as a few swirls flew around down below our office window, however at around midday Gabby called out “you’d better come and see this”. The front of the theatre was a winter wonderland with a thick blanket of snow which is when we decided it was time to make a move. I needn’t tell you just at that moment a rep arrived to change a beer tap and he was in no mood to postpone. Maybe he was driving a chieftain tank that wouldn’t be stopped by the icy roads. Luckily for me, after 10 minutes he decided he didn’t have the right equipment and would have to come back another time and he left.

the only vehicles that were going anywhere were the 4×4’s

I followed soon after.

I would have been better off leaving my car in the car park but I figured (seemingly along with dozens of other people) that it had only been snowing a short while, the roads couldn’t possibly be that bad. How wrong we were!

My car just managed to get up a less than steep hill before it gave up and given most of the roads around here are a 50 degree gradient and the only vehicles managing to keep going were 4×4’s, I pulled in and parked it at the road side where it stayed until I recovered it two days later.

So you see, I would have missed my Friday treat from Aroma had I not had it on Wednesday and I wonder if the rep managed to get home..?

Emma and the Beast and my undeserved midweek treat from Aroma

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