British Summer Time arrived; the clocks went forward an hour and right on cue the sun shone and by mid-afternoon it was warm enough to sit outside. I was taking a 2 minute break from house refurbishing so I carried my cuppa and two custard creams outside and found myself sitting on the first thing I saw – the old lavatory we had removed from the downstairs bathroom, fear not, the lid was down.

This first day of summer would not necessarily have been so remarkable had it not been for the weather just 6 days earlier. That Monday I laced up my sturdy walking boots and wrapped up like an Eskimo to shuffle through the snow to get to work and I hear we are likely to suffer a similar fate in a few days time as the Beast from the East III returns.


Actually I’ll tell you what is bonkers, as I walked towards Church Street the day after the snow when the temperature hovered around -1 and there was ice on the windscreen, a local Lyme resident was walking towards me, not only bare-foot, but he was wearing salmon coloured swimming trunks  that were wet, a towel over his arm and a fleecy sweatshirt. I’ve seen him before heading up from the sea and wondered if he has been for a swim, but when it’s below freezing and there is still snow on the ground?

You should try it some day, it’s most invigorating!

So I stopped him to ask and he confirmed he had indeed been swimming and I should try it because it was most invigorating.


Anyway, another peculiar thing I noticed when I looked out to sea, as is my want each morning when I arrive at work, was the direction of the sea as it rolled into shore. It was moving in a completely different direction from normal. Instead of rolling straight into shore with a bit of an easterly swing, it was most definitely moving in a westerly direction. I tweeted the Met Office who said they would ask their media team; they never did get back to me. So if the Beast has brought some strange sea current with it effecting the tides that surround the British Isles, just remember you heard it here first.

Our technician was carrying out various sound tests ready for the first performance of the Marine Players’ Vicar of Dibley. It was great and when I heard that very well known bit from Swan Lake, I think it’s called the Dance of the Cygnets, I leapt up like a ballerina to watch the test film he was using. I do love a bit of ballet. I also enjoyed some Madam Butterfly and I think a bit of Carmen.

I leapt up like a ballerina

Anyway, I didn’t go on the opening night of the Vicar, but on the Friday night and it is no exaggeration to say everyone was laughing their socks off! The actress who played Alice Tinker had her down to a T and apparently had watched hour after hour of the TV comedy so she got the mannerisms just right.

I was given the night off from cooking on Thursday when my eldest son agreed to make dinner, mind you I had to supply the ingredients but it was nice not to have to think about what to make. I still ended up doing the washing-up; he said as he had cooked dinner someone else could clear away. Wonder why that never works when I cook dinner?

Then like a bad penny, Friday turned up again, but that does mean my weekly treat – a decaff cappuccino from Aroma Coffee. It’s quite nice now, they don’t even have to ask what I drink and they know exactly how I like it. It wasn’t quite warm enough to sit outside but had it been, luckily there are some benches to sit on, so much better than sitting on an old loo.

British Summer Time, more snow, a loo seat in the sun and the dance of the cygnets

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