What a difference a week makes; OK, it wasn’t ‘24 little hours’ but in just 7 days we have moved from snowmaggedon with temperatures as low as -6 to an explosion of fresh green shoots appearing along with double digits. I quite liked the snow but I’m not going to lie, I do enjoy seeing these small signs that Spring is not far away. That also means the weeds are speeding up their growth rate so we would be sensible to run a hoe along the wall side of the theatre entrance before much longer. Time to call on our wonderful team of volunteers.

Talking of volunteers, we had a fire drill this week. It’s impossible to get everyone in at the same time but a turnout of around 15% is about the going rate. There was plenty of interest in the process, especially when I momentarily forgot how to silence the alarm, fortunately the local fire station wasn’t scrambled as I methodically went through the step-by-step process our technician had shown me and finally silenced the siren.

Overwhelmed by the generosity of Lyme Bay Auctions

I was once again overwhelmed by the generosity shown by a local firm who came in to shift our grand piano. You may recall they very kindly turned up and moved our lovely old piano up onto the stage for Sam Lakeman to play when he was performing with Cara Dillon. The crew of four returned, even though they had major problems with one of their lorries due to the snow, and moved it back to its usual home. So a big shout-out for Lyme Bay Auctions for being such top performers!

It was International Women’s Day on Thursday and despite the PM thanking Jeremy Corbyn for mansplaining the significance of the day, I made a point of mentally thanking all those women who have worked tirelessly to break the glass ceilings so the rest of us don’t have to.

the PM thanked Jeremy Corbyn for mansplaining the significance of the day

There wasn’t so much ceiling smashing as raising the rooftops when we had a choir of 40 ladies performing. There was a mixture of themes being sung including one about breast feeding in a park. Despite women’s continuing ability to compete with the male race, on the flip-side, I guess there will always be some things men will never be able to do…

I went along to a scratch night at the Bridport Arts Centre; Tom Rogers was performing The Father, the Son and the Happiness Manifesto. A very enjoyable evening listening to his stories, anecdotes and poems relating to the tragic loss of his son and he has been raising money for WaterAid in his memory.

Then suddenly it was POETS day again (push off early tomorrow’s Saturday) and I enjoyed my Friday treat from Aroma Cafe. Mind you, there wasn’t a hope of any treats from the supermarket that night, when I went to Tesco the shelves were hopelessly bare. Seems their deliveries are still being effected by the snow from last week, at the risk of being accused of womansplaining perhaps they need to rethink their bad-weather distribution strategy.

Fire drills, songs on breast-feeding and mansplaining. Just an average week for me
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