I love a list. I always have a list at the weekend; the first thing I do after my usual breakfast bowl of cornflakes with fresh fruit and yogurt (unless it’s a Sunday when I have a bowl of Jordans strawberry Country Crisp), is think about what I want to get done that day and/or over the weekend.

Then there’s my weekday list which is quite different from the weekend one because it will not involve stripping walls, going to the recycling depot or cleaning the house. I tuck the handwritten list into my phone cover so it’s there in view to remind me. I may even start a supplementary list after I’ve arrived at work and often resort to post-it notes for the really important stuff.

Yes, my lists are legendary.

But there is method in my madness because it is a known fact that if you write something down it conveys the message to your brain therefore helping you to remember and with so much going on not just at the Marine Theatre but at home too, my brain and memory sticks need all the help they can get. Take this week for instance, it’s the programme deadline which means not only is our schedule in lock-down but there’s a great deal of checking and double checking, proof reading and cross referencing to make sure it is ready to go to press. Then in amongst all of this we have the Marine Players starting to put their props together ready for next week, people dropping in to chat through their ideas and the volunteers’ meeting.

We love our volunteers’ meetings, I can never be sure just how many are going to turn up, it could be just half a dozen or it could be 10+ so there’s always a bit of disruption first thing as we sort out the right number of chairs, who wants tea/coffee and what biscuits to buy. I did start to bake a cake for them last year; my lemon cake, like my lists, is legendary, but I never seem to have the right ingredients the night before the meeting.

I must add them to my list.

Anyway, there is always the additional stuff that gets done that doesn’t even reach my list. This week for instance, we had a bit of a stormy night on Wednesday. I do love a good storm; watching the waves crashing into shore and the wind whipping up the sea so it rides up and down in uncontrolled agitation like a berserk bucking bronco, it’s flailing mane thwacking the rising salt water so there’s a flicking spray riding the ridge of each wave. Trouble is, despite its wonderful performance, the salty spray and grit filled wind soon covers everywhere in a tacky mucky sheen. So on Thursday morning I got a bucket of hot soapy water, a stiff brush and step ladder to wash the theatre’s face. She was soon looking bright and shiny again.

I was very annoyed for missing the fact it was #ShakespeareWeek, I have always kept up to speed with these ‘weeks’ but for some reason this one went right off my radar. It’s useful having these labelled weeks especially when we can link something in our programme to the subject e.g. we have several Shakespeare live screenings coming up. Whatever did people do when there was no #SocialMedia

As the end of the week approached, I thought I might make something unusual and delicious for dinner. Having planned to do my grocery shopping on Saturday instead of Friday, it meant I would either have to make do with ‘store cupboard‘ ingredients or go via Tesco or the Co-op. Given my ‘store cupboard’ consists of beans, tuna and golden syrup, I think even Jamie Oliver would struggle with that, so I stopped off at Tesco and stared at the shelves for a good 3 minutes before buying 2 custard slices that were reduced to 70p.

I’m quite pleased I saved my food shopping until the Saturday, whilst I was perusing the aisles in the Chard branch of Sainsbury’s I had failed to notice the ‘Mini Beast’ had arrived and by the time I left there was a blizzard. Have you noticed how mesmerising the snow is when you are driving? Anyway, I decided to buy some extra milk in anticipation of another #Snowmageddon along with some doughnuts and choc chip cookies, no panic-buying for this girl!

So by the time the snow really hit on Sunday, I was as smug as a bug with the extra milk I had bought. The cookies and doughnuts long gone, but I’ve written a list and I’m confident I shall get down into Lyme tomorrow and hopefully there will be more than some reduced price custard slices or I may have to google what you can make with golden syrup and beans.

I shall make a list.

Lists, volunteers and reduced price custard slices
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