I had my hair cut this week. I know right, not exactly headline news, but for me it’s quite a major event, mostly because it’s a major inconvenience. When I worked in London BC (before-children), it was all part of life’s rich pattern; I thought nothing of jumping on the train on a Saturday and popping into the salon that was in Covent Garden, enjoy the pre-wash chat about style, the long wash-cum-head massage, the gentle combing that left me feeling relaxed and pampered, then mooch around the shops afterwards, maybe enjoy a relaxing coffee and pastry, you get the picture.

PC (post-children) and back in full-time work, I go to a relatively local salon though invariably postpone my appointment several times because despite me booking it 6 weeks in advance, something always comes along that trumps my hair cut, usually a son’s rugby practice or a parent/teacher meeting. Then when I get there, there’s no preamble, it’s straight into a rapid but firm scrub, some frantic snipping and if I’m lucky, not too many hairs yanked out as it’s blow-dried and I always walk out of the salon with plenty of hair cuttings stuck to my face.

Of course no one notices. Another PC fact, you are just so pleased to be able to see from under your fringe you don’t worry about looking glamorous. Or maybe that’s just me.

Anyway, talking of glamour, I helped one of our wedding parties to play around with tables and chairs this week. We have several suggested layouts but it’s pretty much up to them, so after setting up a couple of tables and a dozen or so chairs, I left them to think it through in their own time. No rushed hairdresser snippy-snappy style from me!

Our electrician was in for most of the week checking our circuits and cabling. There’s a whole lot of electrical history sitting behind the theatre walls and I bet we would find some early 20th century long disconnected wiring if we had the time to look. He asked when it would be convenient to switch off the circuit that powered our computers but didn’t seem keen on my suggestion of coming back around 7pm that evening.

Then alongside our sparky the builder turned up to start work on the new disabled lavatory plus refurbishing the existing loos. Like some of the defunct wiring, out toilet facilities are also rather old but unlike our old wiring, they are still very much in use. Tom Southgate Builders turned up on Wednesday and were soon making headway.

It was also a short week (made all the more discombobulating by the loss of one hour when we moved to BST on the Monday) with Easter arriving early this year so the school term finished and happily for my son and his friends, the last day of term was a sunny one and with the foolishness of youth, yep, you guessed right, they all went down to the beach but only one of them was daft enough to jump into the sea from North Wall. Yep, you guessed right, it was my son.

This coming week is the Children’s Activity Week, I have a hunch it’s going to be a busy time, there won’t be any hair-washing going on but look out for the fast-moving snippy-snappy theatre manager who’ll be zipping about, sans hair cuttings attached to her face.


Haircuts, sparkies & our new loos
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