Apparently I have the patience of a saint. That may well be true, I do have a placid temperament plus having children, one of whom subjected and subjects me to the greatest of motherhood challenges, either way it put me in good stead for Children’s Week. Herding cats was one metaphorical description as we saw dozens of the little poppets arriving for a number of different events throughout the week.

Easter holidays with young children who had been holed up for 3 days due to the grotty weather and who had been eating large quantities of chocolate, arrived with dazed parents who looked like they had been not only deprived of adult interaction but also sleep, decent food and daylight; our week of events to entertain their little darlings was a welcome diversion.

Some of the events presented our resident builder with a few challenges given much of his work involves drilling, hammering or sawing. I gave him a copy of the schedule, the auditorium events highlighted so he could time his noisy activities accordingly.

My jack-in-the-box skills are well practised

We were also a bit short of volunteers this week, not surprisingly as most of them are grandparents so had family and/or friends visiting, that meant we had to rely on our back-up strategy i.e. me. Luckily I have many strings to my bow including working Front of House and Duty Manager. My jack-in-the-box skills are also well practised which is just as well as I found myself regularly and frequently jumping up from my chair to sell tickets, usher children in the right direction or set up the auditorium ready for yoga, a presentation by the RNLI or a film to name but three.

I’m not surprised her dad doesn’t want her going up top

Talking of films, is it me or is The Little Mermaid just a bit too sexy for a Disney children’s film? Call me a prude but with her voluptuous curves and the two seashells that seem to stick to her chest unaided, it’s a bit too seductive for my liking. I’m not surprised her dad, King Triton, doesn’t want her going up top, but then he shouldn’t have let her swim around with next to nothing on. I blame the parents.

Talking of which, would you believe someone pinched one of our posters? It was a cinema-sized one clipped into place behind a perspex cover. It would have been far less hassle for whoever it was to just pop into the theatre and ask for a spare copy. Very disappointing behaviour.

Would you believe someone pinched one of our posters?

Anyway, I’ve been carting around a boot-load of blankets and sleeping bags since we moved house in February. I hoped the charity shops would like them but seems they don’t and if they can’t sell them within a couple of weeks they send them to the tip. This didn’t seem right to me so I eventually found a collection area for refugees in the Chapel in the Garden thanks to the ladies in the Bridport Tourist Information Centre. It was an arduous task, going to and fro between the car and the chapel; I had parked some distance away and as it was market day, didn’t risk trying to find a space that was closer. After three journeys, my arms several inches longer than when I began, I was glad to find a good home for them.

Mind you, not that they are likely to need much in the way of blankets now the warm spring weather has finally arrived, it was with great aplomb I removed my scarf and coat as I stood watching one of my sons thrashing a Belgium team in rugby, without a seashell in sight.

My saintly patience, the Little Mermaid and thrashing the Belgians in rugby
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