Whenever I learnt something new my mother would say encouragingly “another string to your bow”. This week I passed one of our wonderful volunteers as I headed back to the car one evening and when I told her what I had been up to she not only said another string to you bow but added “it’ll look good on your CV”.  My paranoia straight away wondered if she knew something I didn’t. But she was in a hurry to get to the theatre to watch the live screening of Macbeth with Christopher Eccleston so didn’t stop to chat and that is where my extra string (or CV enhancement) comes from.

I definitely would have got a gold star

I had that evening been learning the ropes of setting up the tech for a live screening. We have what’s called a LANsat system that means we can screen live broadcasts and it seemed like a good idea for me to understand how to set it up from scratch. I had copious notes that I followed and had I been in primary school I definitely would have got a gold star, although Tom, the Duty Manager, who was watching what I did so he too can learn, reckoned it was only worth a silver star because I didn’t switch on the projector box. But that’s because it had been missed off the instructions our tech had given me.

Anyway, earlier in the week we had a moment of animal welfare concern. Our electrician was sorting out some wiring and returned from his van in great excitement asking me what sort of bird has a red beak and can’t fly. It wasn’t a puffin, he said but it was wandering along the road and would surely have been squished had he not shepherded it into the garden of one of the holiday lets just down from the theatre. I immediately went into wildlife rescue mode and went to search for this mystical red-beaked-not-a-puffin creature.

Turned out to be a partridge. They do have red beaks and are not terribly adept at flying. It most likely had flown off course but we left it to recover under the shed. Hopefully it found its way home.

a very interesting man told me about his denture repair business

Then there was the Civic Night I went to at the end of the week. A dinner-dance laid on for local businesses by the Lady Mayor of Lyme Regis. I sat next to a very interesting man who told me all about his denture repair business and the lovely Jo Hopkins of the Lyme Regis Musical Society was also on my table. Anyway, it’s been a while since I danced the night away; in a previous life it wasn’t unknown for me to wear 6″ heels to the disco and dance the entire night without stopping. I found a pair of 2″ heels at the back of my wardrobe and I danced for a good half hour; my left foot is still in recovery.

I gave another wedding tour on Saturday, this time to a lovely couple who live in London but want to get married in Lyme Regis. It’s always a pleasure to show wedding parties round our wonderful theatre and there are very few who don’t go on to book a date, the Marine has a magnetic personality that always bowls everyone over.

such is the glamour of the Theatre Manager

I was back again on Sunday, we had a live music gig the night before, the Guitars on the Boards fundraiser for Guitars on the Beach and unfortunately our cleaner couldn’t make it. Such is the glamour of the Theatre Manager.

There’s another string I can add to my bow.

A string to my bow, I put my high heels on and can swing a mop like a pro
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  • 17th April 2018 at 10:12 pm

    Sounds like you’re having a blast, working hard and living life to the full! Quite lovely.


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