Mine was a bit of a ‘Yorkie’ week – plenty to get my teeth into and very chunky, although it has to be said the Yorkie bars of today are nowhere near as big as when they first came out, but then everything is smaller now.

Anyway, it started with high hopes of being able to shed my winter garb when the Met Office forecast a heatwave starting on Monday; no surprises, it didn’t happen until Wednesday; in fact it was not only cool and very windy on Monday but it poured with rain on Tuesday. Not since the Michael Fish debacle have we been able to rely on the Met Office forecast; I think Yorkie bars started shrinking shortly after.

I couldn’t help but notice a gert big hole in the road

But I digress; we’ve had a gas problem at my end of town. I’ve seen the men from the SSE wandering around with their long sticks they poke into places, so on Wednesday as I walked in wearing my full length woollen winter coat, I couldn’t help but notice a gert big hole in the road. Turns out there is a major gas leak somewhere. The SSE man, his stick thing being poked into holes that had been drilled into the pavement, re-assuredly said as he peered into the big hole,

“I don’t know what’s going on, I’ve been sent down here but no one’s told me anything”

I suggested there might be a leak and recommended he didn’t light any matches. Come to think of it, there weren’t any signs warning people about risks of explosion. Maybe those days have gone along with the chunky Yorkie bars.

I was minded of the day I thought we had a gas leak in the theatre when I detected a very strong smell of gas. The SSE man was soon there with his long stick and agreed he too could smell something but his detector detected zilch. I subsequently discovered the source, the builders who were working on the new theatre loos had left the waste pipe uncovered and the methane, ammonia and other gases had drifted up from the sewer.

the heatwave finally arrived on Wednesday

Anyhow, I’m pleased to say the heatwave finally arrived on Wednesday and for the first time since moving into our new office, I didn’t need to switch on the radiator.

It was utter torture. If you have seen the view from my office, you will know our windows look across the vast expanse of Lyme Regis bay. It is a fantastic vista but sadly, from around 9am until 6pm the sun shines directly into our office so the blinds have to be lowered. But the torture wasn’t from the bright sunshine or the radiant heat, it was seeing the vast expanse of twinkling waves stretching to the horizon where it met the equally vast blue sky and with the windows open we could hear the waves rolling into shore. It was beautiful and I wasn’t out there. Our friends in the Tourist Information Centre got into the spirit and wore nautically themed blue/white striped T-shirts and peddle-pushers. Very natty.

But I did get to enjoy my lunch on the bar balcony that has the best view in Lyme Regis #IMO

Whilst I munched away I could see Tom Rushforth, our duty manager, down below working hard. You know that BBC drama The Night Manager? Well our Tom is a bit like Tom Hiddleston, but instead of rushing off into the desert to single-handedly destroy an entire terrorist network, our Tom weeds the entrance and jet-washes the balcony. What a hero.

I kept seeing an orange football appear at the window

During our Trustee meeting I kept seeing an orange football appear at the window. Now our windows are several metres high and it would take considerable effort to kick a ball that high. Not wishing to see a smashed window, I popped out and suggested to the 3 young lads that they try and avoid kicking the ball against the window,

“We weren’t doing it deliberately”

they said. Course not, but they got the message.

There’s a steel pan player that was here last summer, he sat just below our window down on Gun Cliff Walk and played a 3-note tune for several hours, every day. I’d forgotten all about him until this week. It can’t be easy to make interesting music with just three notes.

My week finished with the town council’s annual general public meeting. They can’t have expected many, there were only around 50 chairs laid out. There were a few ‘regulars’ who had plenty to say on matters such as the park & ride and the lack of cash points. Well known local Ken Gollop was amongst them, it was all very interesting.

After such a full-on week and long day, I stopped off at the Lyme’s Fish Bar for a fish & chip supper and unlike the Yorkie bar, their portions are huge, more than enough for two and I hear the Met are forecasting another hot week.

Yorkie bars, the heatwave and The Night Manager

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