Sometimes you just have to throw in the towel don’t you which is why I haven’t updated my blog for a couple of weeks; Buckingham Palace, toilets and Liverpool to name but three of the events that have been jostling for attention.

Talking about grabbing your attention, are you getting loads of emails from organisations supposedly updating their database under the new Data Protection Act, despite the fact they have never contacted you before? It’s a very underhand marketing tactic to get you on their mailing list. Something rather ironic there.

The auditorium was alive with the buzz and excitement of a street party

What about the royal wedding? A bit different from the norm wasn’t it. The Marine Theatre opened its doors to the public so everyone could see it live on the big screen. It was all hands on deck that morning setting up tables and chairs, bunting and a few sweet treats for our guests. People started to arrive from 9.30 and before long the auditorium was alive with the buzz and excitement of a street party.

The whole room raised a cheer and applauded when Prince Harry appeared and burst into laughter when one of the page boys made no attempt to stifle a yawn. But it was Bishop Michael Bruce Curry who really raised the roof and not just with his very enthusiastic sermon; everyone erupted with laughter when the camera panned round to Princess Anne’s daughter Zara Phillips whose face was a picture. I also noticed her other half, Mike Tindall was a bit ‘handsey’ as the service was drawing to a close and Zara quickly moved his hand away.

Anyway, everyone had a great time and left with beaming smiles.

The trouble was the size of his wrist – it was rather large

What with Harry and Meghan’s wedding and my trip to Buckingham Palace, it’s been all things royal for me. We were asked to keep our trip to the Palace under wraps until after the event. I suppose for reasons of security given it was just one week before the wedding. We arrived at Waterloo in plenty of time but decided, given Gabby was wearing 6″ heels and I was wearing my posh shoes, to take a taxi. But it was as we were walking along the concourse that Gabby saw a man drop something so she picked it up and ran after him thinking he might want it. I caught up with them and it turned out the man was homeless and he’d picked up some bits of rubbish including a thin strip of ribbon, this being the item Gabby wanted to reunite with him. I’m not entirely sure how it happened but I found myself trying to tie this flimsy thin strip of ribbon onto his wrist. The trouble was the size of his wrist – it was a rather large size and try as I might, I couldn’t do it. He told me I had lovely lips which was a bit of a conversation and trying-to-tie-a-ribbon-on-his-wrist, killer.

We left him holding his ribbon.

Buckingham Palace was amazing; we were there as guests of the Garfield Weston Foundation and we met some very interesting people including boy scout leaders, actors and some incredible volunteers. David Dimbleby was there too. I wasn’t amongst the chosen few who spoke to Prince Charles which is a pity. The butlers and butleresses (is that a thing?) were walking round with silver platters holding a delicious assortment of canapes, including some tiny pastry pies topped with half a quail egg. I watched a male guest flick the eggs off the top of them and wolf them down; no decorum some people.

Their loos were a bit different. It was like something out of a ship’s captain quarters. Huge solid pieces of wood with a circle cut out and to flush them you pulled a lever to make the contents disappear.

I sat on the loo and worked out the best position

Talking of loos, we have very nearly finished our disabled facility at the theatre. Now have you ever used a loo and found that the loo roll is in completely the wrong place and awkward to reach? Well in the interest and comfort of our users, I sat on the loo and worked out the best position for the toilet roll holder which doesn’t sound that odd except there was no lid on the loo, it being for the less able, and our builder was standing right next to me to mark the wall. Something not altogether quite comfortable with that position!

I went up to Liverpool for the weekend with my family. I have never been before so didn’t know what to expect. They have alot of pubs, all of them open, all the time and all of them full with revellers spilling out onto the pavement, all the time. They also have alot of stag and hen parties. The Catholic cathedral is quite something and our hotel was interesting, I’m still waiting for a reply from the manager. I don’t think I’ll be going again.

My spa day was nice, it was a long awaited treat and if you’ve ever been to the Holbrook Spa near Wincanton, you will know what I mean when I say you step into another world when you go there. It was the perfect day and the only towel throwing I did was when I came out of the pool for the second time just before our session of Indian head massage and there wasn’t a jostle in sight.

Toilets, weddings and all things royal

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