Theatre. It takes you away from your world into a whole new place; you may arrive at the Marine Theatre with certain expectations or perhaps non at all, but whilst you sit there watching a film, a play or listening to a live band, the normal you, the every-day you, is put to one side to allow the other ‘you’ some freedom of expression.

Donald Trump did not invent fake news

Fake news. Contrary to Donald Trump’s belief, he did not invent fake news, as with much of what he says, he not only hijacked the expression, he claimed the whole phenomena for his own and whilst the expression has only been around since 2016 and used liberally by social media and politicians alike, it has existed since the dawn of time albeit under a different identity; storytelling.

Of course stories can be true, often telling a more interesting tale that might fill in the gaps of our limited knowledge; for instance I read this week that local news editor Philip Evans has been awarded an MBE for his work as a community fundraiser. I have limited knowledge of Philip, or as he is also known, ‘Pip’, that I have gained since I started working at the Theatre. Being an ‘incomer’ (despite living in the region for 13 years – you have to be at least 2nd generation to have this mantle removed), I started this particular story several chapters in so was unaware that his story includes a brief sojourn as chair of the theatre committee, back in the days.

Yes, the Marine Theatre not only offers a wealth of entertainment inside its walls but the venue itself has a remarkable tale to tell that continues to unfold with each passing week.

Take our lavatories for instance, we’ve had the same ones for at least 50 years; some would say that’s a good thing because they were installed when things were built to last. We frequently have visitors who drop in to reminisce about the times they hung out in the Marine in the 60s and 70s and that it really hasn’t changed very much.

Regular punch-ups and police visits

Their stories of what they used to get up to including the regular punch-ups and police visits sound like a scene out of an old black and white mobster movie. When I look at the respectable bespectacled author of these stories, often grey haired and frequently accompanied by other senior citizens, I can’t help but wonder at their tall tales.

So when I tell them the old loos are on their way out they give a wry smile and tell me about the time when…

I’m sure if our loos could talk the tales they could tell would make your mother blush.

we had visions of the sort of man it was

Our builder who is replacing the loos, wasn’t able to move his van this week, a small white car had pulled up close making it impossible for him to move. Convinced it was an elderly chap he had seen walking under the arch, he ran after him but turns out it wasn’t his. We checked with the Tourist Information Centre, our temporary holiday-maker neighbours and anyone else who looked vaguely like a suspect. Meanwhile I typed up a courteous but firm message asking them not to park there. We both assumed it was a cheeky holiday-maker and had visions of the sort of man it was.

Our builder was going nowhere.

That was until one of dear ex-trustees emerged from the theatre having had a meeting with our technician.

After a few minutes banter, the polite note went into recycling and our builder went on his way.

Our Marine Young Company were back in on Monday night after their half term break and they couldn’t have been more excited to be back enjoying themselves creating characters and re-imagining who they were. The course leader, Lizzie Hedden from Exeter’s Northcott, was equally animated as she led her young class.

I went along to the screening of The Greatest Showman on Saturday, the auditorium was packed, as all of us ran off with the circus of oddities to enjoy the high-flying life of the big top.

There’s no fake news at the Marine, just plenty of top notch entertainment that whisks you away from your everyday you to another world where anything is possible!

Theatre, fake news & probably best our loos can’t speak
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2 thoughts on “Theatre, fake news & probably best our loos can’t speak

  • 11th June 2018 at 12:55 pm

    I enjoyed this, Sophia, especially the van vignette. Just one thing: Trump’s hijacking of ‘fake news’ is Orwellian because he has turned ‘real news’ (that is, something approaching the truth) into something it isn’t.

    What he calls fake news (revelations about him and his team) is actually fake “fake-news”. What Soviet Russia issued as news in its official paper Pravda (“Truth”) was propaganda which played hard and fast with the real truth. It’s what authoritarian regimes do all the time, from Putin’s Russia to Mugabe’s Zimbabwe and on to Trump’s US and Leave.EU’s allies in May’s administration.

    • 9th July 2018 at 9:36 pm

      Thank you Chris and you’re right, funny how fake news and propaganda has and always will be a means to an end for politicians.


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