Apparently I look like the teacher from the musical hit ‘School of Rock’. Never having seen this, I wasn’t sure how to take it so I asked my sister who, after laughing and telling me she’d make a rock chick of me yet (she was always the cool one, I was not) suggested I google it. The first lot of images I came across were of Jack Black; I furiously scrolled down feeling mortally wounded and googled “school of rock teacher” instead. What a relief to find images of Joan Cusack.  Even so I’m still not sure but better Joan than Jack.

It rained last Sunday

It rained last Sunday. I can’t say I pay much attention to the forecast, the MET Office really aren’t much good despite having millions of pounds worth of equipment, we have a free weather app that shows satellite images of rain giving us a couple of hours notice which is good enough for me and the washing line. But it really did RAIN that day, great big fat raindrops that fell in such vast quantities I was soaked to the skin in the 3 minutes it took me to bring the clothes in off the line. Just what is it that decides how big the raindrops are? Maybe the MET Office know.

My gardening pals were delighted including the very lovely Viv from the Lyme Regis Tourist Information Centre and John our Marketing Manager who demonstrated, despite the big blobs, with his thumb and forefinger how far the rain had sunk into the ground. So when Monday dawned with blue skies and sunshine, the humidity shot up as the air became saturated with the evaporating blobs. The holidaymakers who made their way into Theatre Square to enjoy our spectacular views visibly wilted as they drooped onto the benches, the gents collapsing in a state of lava, the ladies sitting more upright trying to appreciate their sweltering surrounds.

Talking of ladies and gents, our loos are coming along great guns. Gary the builder has reached the fiddly stage now, with rubbing down, priming and undercoating. But he’s had a bit of a challenge this week.

Gary likes to play his music and join in

Gary likes to play his music and join in with the songs. Being a guitarist in a band, he knows most of them and his voice isn’t half bad. It’s mostly BBC Radio 2. It’s become part of the Marine scene and brings a smile to our face. But he’s had to pipe down this week because we had an R&D group in residence.

Research and Development. It’s an opportunity for newbie theatre groups to try out new ideas and devise outlines for a new production. We’ve had quite a few in the past but this group is the first of 2018. Run by Tessa Bide, there have been some interesting sounds coming out of their workshop including ‘beeps’ and ‘bops’ and other alien-like sounds. There was also a session of handball they invited me to join as I was heading backstage. Every 5th hit had to be with a body part other than your hand; I messed it up completely so made my excuses and dropped out.

But despite the unusual noises and ball games, they do need quiet so Gary had to curtail his singing which he later confessed during one of his drop-in sessions, was very difficult. We also had to keep the office door shut for much of the week and by Wednesday we were starting to melt.

We were convinced it was a Russian spy plane trying to snoop around our Jurassic coast

We had some interesting fly-pasts with a huge ‘Skyvan’ circling round and around Lyme Regis bay and it was being tailed by two RAF jets and then a helicopter. We were convinced it was a Russian spy plane trying to snoop around our Jurassic coast but turned out it was linked to the Yeovilton Air Show.

There was a quick change-over on Friday afternoon as the Talon crew arrived to unload and our technician to prep the auditorium. The R&D lot were midway through waking someone up but soon cleared their gear away, happy with the 4 new scenes they had created for their London fringe performance at the weekend.

I then waited for the Eagles tribute band, Talon, to arrive to ensure they were comfortable so it was after 7pm and as the audience arrived I left.

But my week was not over; there was a wedding party to show round on Saturday – they loved it and booked it there and then, so by Saturday evening I was looking forward to a relaxed alfresco dinner with a glass or two…right up to the point Tom the duty manager rang me to say the security we had booked for the disco that night hadn’t turned up.

Suffice to say we won’t be using them again. Half an hour later, having wolfed down my dinner and gulped a glass of water, I headed back to the theatre to help as necessary. Turns out the England win followed by the Russia/Croatia game was keeping everybody indoors so numbers were a bit low, but it was fun listening to the hits of the 80s and I jigged a little bit to some of them.

I reckon I could be that rock chick after all.

I’m that rock chick over there…just as soon as I’ve brought in the washing & cooked dinner
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