There are some weeks I enjoy then there are others I really enjoy and this past week falls into the latter category.

It’s been a week of writing, research and reporting; not for the first time have I wondered why I didn’t pursue a career in journalism but thereby hangs another tale…if ifs and ands were pots and pans.

Anyway, at the start of the week I had the usual newsletter to write to the Marine Theatre Friends; a combination of what has been going on and highlighting forthcoming shows they might be interested in which is always fun to do. It’s also an opportunity to give them the heads-up of special events before they are released to the general public and I can tell you we have some juicy ones coming up. Then on top of that I wrote my monthly column for the local paper, Lyme Online.

A cross between the tracing paper type(remember that?!?) and kitchen roll

But it didn’t end there. I have always been very aware of our planet’s limited resources, my dear old dad started the ball rolling when I was very young and bought recycled loo roll. I don’t know where he bought it from given it was years before it became fashionable to recycle, but I remember he had to buy in bulk and I also remember it was very rough. A cross between the tracing paper type (remember that?!?) and kitchen roll and being a very delicate little girl, I was not impressed but thankfully he was determined to pursue the green ethic, I just had to toughen up!

Talking of loo roll, our ladies loos are now in operation. I can’t tell you how excited we are! After 50+ years we have not only got brand new shiny lavatories but there are now 3 cubicles so hopefully far less in the way of queuing. The only things missing are the loo roll holders that will hopefully be fitted next week.

I also put a female stick lady and male stick man above the sign

One small problem people may have is realising the ladies and gents have been swapped round. In anticipation of this I not only put a large Ladies and Gents label on each door, I also put a female stick lady and male stick man above the sign. But we humans are creatures of habit so I fully expect to hear a few tales of mistaken identity and red faces.

Anyway back to my writing, reporting and researching. I made a visit to the West Dorset District Council’s newly built Dorchester offices, I was expecting bright, glistening and gleaming, something close to a Canary Wharf tower. I was marginally disappointed to see a very standard red brick square building, very uninspiring. But buildings and architecture aside, it was interesting to talk to the people there who offer help and advice to the Arts.

Not that I am a linguistic snob but

We had actually arrived with 15 minutes to spare so went into Coffee#1 and before we left I had need of their facilities. Now when I was growing up the correct word to use for the little room was the ‘lavatory’ and you went to the ‘toilet’ i.e. the place has a different name from the activity. Not that I am a linguistic snob but I do try to maintain standards in a time of dumbing down and text speak, however, not for the first time, when I asked the young girl behind the counter where their lavatories were, it was as if I was speaking a foreign language as she queried me twice and it became clear she didn’t know what I was referring to, but when I said ‘toilet’ she understood. I was dismayed to find it was one of those single unisex loos so was mindful of where I stepped and sat.

Very disappointing.

I feel a bit guilty about the football, I think we may have put the kibosh on England winning. We had been vaguely toying with the idea of a live screening on the Sunday and when one of our trustees popped in on Wednesday morning and said we should think about screening it, we thought yes, why not! Well that was it, five hours later we lost. So apologies to all.

The end of the week arrived and with it the Lyme Online paper and I read the newly refurbished public loos on Marine Parade have just been opened. However I see they have rather disappointingly gone down the unisex route so unlike our new loos the mix of men and women going in won’t be a mistake, but if they at least call them lavatories I may just forgive them.

Writing, research & reporting and why don’t people know what a ‘lavatory’ is?
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