I feel like I need an adventure. I’m not sure if it’s because at long last I sent off my story to a publisher which always gives me a boost of confidence or because there is such a great atmosphere of success and high spirits at the theatre. Whatever it is, I am being buoyed along on the crest of a fearless wave, looking for the next exciting event to appear on the horizon. Trouble is I end up having sleepless nights and with the feeling of butterflies in my stomach which is not conducive to anything approaching rest.

a well known Bridport cure-all

We made a breakthrough this week with our lavatory refurbishment, Gary the singing builder, who incidentally hasn’t been singing quite so much due to a croaky voice. He told me there are some lozenges he has taken in the past called Vocal Zone that kicked a sore throat into touch but are no longer available, or at least the local metro sized Boots don’t sell them. He also mentioned a well known Bridport cure-all, Fudges Cough Syrup aka Fudges Fire Water that the locals knew about for all ailments from a toothache to a kidney problems. After reducing sales to one bottle per customer it was eventually banned due to the opium content. Given the way the law is heading I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before the potion is available once more, although as with Colonel Sanders, the recipe died with the creator some years ago.

no more flaky walls and stinky drains

Anyway, sore throat notwithstanding, the gents are around a fortnight, three weeks at most, before they are finished and other than the usual snagging list, our loo refurb will be complete and I can tell you they have been transformed, you will just have to come along and see for yourself if you don’t believe me. No more flaky walls and stinky drains, they are absolutely fabulous.

It’s been a relatively quiet week in the office with both Gabby and John being on holiday and to progress my plans of getting plenty of ticks on the to-do list, I’ve been arriving at around 7.30am. Trouble with starting your working day that early is it brings everything else forward, for instance I decided, despite the fact it wasn’t a Friday, that I would get my decaf cappuccino from Aroma. Having been in the office for over 2 hours I reckoned I deserved it, trouble was, I hadn’t clocked it was only 9.45 and they don’t open until 10. You know how pitiful it is when you stride purposefully towards a shop, reach for the handle, push it down expecting the door to give way, only to discover you are locked out even though you can see the staff through the window and they can see you. Makes you look a bit desperate doesn’t it?!

Holly Fox from the Abbey Theatre in Nuneaton dropped in to have a chat; she wanted to ask about our marketing tactics and in the absence of our marketing John, I gave her the benefit of my knowledge, trouble was I became over enthusiastic and our conversation went off on all sorts of tangents. It was a bit like a confessional, once you start there’s not stopping until you’ve got it all off your chest and because I am always pleased to share my enthusiasm for the Marine with whoever will listen, I think I may have rekindled an equal passion of Holly’s – one day later she sent me an email outlining her idea of resurrecting a theatre group she used to run. So either she was looking for advice or it was a very clever marketing tactic of her own to get her foot in the Marine door.

they booked a dates within hours

I gave another wedding tour to a very lovely bride-to-be and her family, the mother explained she had been in a Marine Theatre production when she was very small so it felt only right to start a new chapter in her family’s life in the place where she discovered her love of the theatre. They booked a date within hours of looking round, such is the love and inspiration people feel for the Marine.

The week ended on a high with the Beach Boyz Tribute Band performing ‘The Beach Boys Story’ to a full house on Saturday night and the Marine Film Night screened Chesil Beach on Sunday evening.

I’m hopeful of another great week ahead of me, my horoscope tells me ‘there are communication challenges in the air’, there’s definitely something in the air, the smell of adventure!

Adventure awaits & there’s been a breakthrough with our lavatories
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