It was a relief to return to some semblance of normality after my week off, although I did have to spend the first hour of Monday morning sorting out the bomb site that was my office. Everything from quad sized posters in their cardboard tubes to performers’ dirty hand towels the duty manager had left in a pile; mirrors still in their boxes ready to hang in the new loos to old copies of the Bridport & Lyme News, it looked like my sons had been in residence for a couple of days. Marketing aka John Puckey, told me he had had to chase after some of my paperwork that flew out of the office window, that might explain why everything that had been pinned to my pin board was scattered all over the place – there had obviously been a bit of a back-draft. But it always feels good to clear the decks ready for the day ahead.

mother knows best

When Gary the builder arrived on Tuesday complaining of a pain in his arm following an injury involving a rather large bramble thorn, I straight away despatched him to the minor injury unit reminding him to ask about a tetanus jab. Turns out I gave some good advice; not sure it was my first aid training or ‘mother knows best’ kicking in but what is it with men not looking after themselves?!?

As you may know, we are having the theatre lavatories refurbished and that means plenty of building rubbish being produced. Gary said there is likely to be a load more once he starts with the gents but we decided the growing mountain needed to go, so with a visit organised with the very helpful Axe Skip Hire, I yanked out all the extra rubbish we’ve been shoving in the outside bin storage area. I have learned from previous occasions that not only do you need to keep your head down but you can’t stand upright too soon when reversing out of our outside store area, many a time I have stood up a bit too soon and skimmed the top of my head or grazed my back or shoulders. After an hour of being bent double, hands covered in everything from cement dust to cobwebs, I soon had the space cleared and added to our pile of rubbish.

it didn’t help wearing flimsy white summer sandals

We have a very large and unwieldy yard broom, it’s not your average sized garden broom, it’s a huge chunky thing that requires a certain amount of man-handling, it didn’t help wearing flimsy white summer sandals that aren’t up to much in the way of hard labour but I soon swept up the remaining dust and dirt.

Roger is the writer of Lily the Pink

I went for a jolly on Thursday, and great fun it was too. After squeezing in some out of town errands first thing, I met up with a dear poetic pal of mine. We went for a pub lunch before going to watch Roger McGough at the Sidmouth Folk Festival. Roger is the writer of Lily the Pink that was a big hit back in the days. It was a very entertaining gig although a few of the poems were a little out of touch with the modern world.

I’m expecting an uninterrupted week this week and hopefully Gary the builder will be in without injury, I’m ready with the big broom for a clean sweep.

A clean sweep with an unwieldy broom

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