Not that I’m obsessed with lavatories and despite the fact they frequently come up in my online conversation, I can assure you I’m not feeding my fetish, but this week I spent well over an hour researching loo roll holders. You may question my sanity, you may say life is too short to spend so much time on such inconsequential detail but let me tell you, there is nothing so pleasing as using a facility that has been thought about. Well OK, there are other pleasing things but we don’t have enough time or space to talk about those and anyway, there maybe children reading this.

When it comes to dispensers, there are square ones, round ones, oblong, see-through, dual rolls, stainless steel, white, the list goes on. My one prerequisite was the colour white, that was the easy part. After navigating my way through various sites I finally found one that had what I was looking for, however only after I had created a cardboard template, sat in situ, opened and closed the cubicle door and turned a full circle, did I finally decide on the model. The 3 units arrived on Friday along with a supply of loo roll so next week I’m hoping Garry the builder will be able to fix them to the walls.

I have dibs on the first pull.

I know, I need to get out more.

With the high winds and rain, we had something more in line with our accustomed summer weather last weekend, sadly our colourful bunting took a bashing and despite theatre tech and all round good egg Pete reinforcing the long lengths of triangles, they were sagging in the middle but within minutes of my text, he was on the job and soon had them back up and flapping.

I’m absolutely confident we do not have native tarantulas

Talking of sagging, I was flagging this week; perhaps it was the new moon or maybe the excitement of Abba Forever Tribute band performing that resulted in my being unable to get a wink of sleep, whatever the cause it wasn’t helped by my youngest son deciding to do a spot of vacuuming at 1.30am. When I asked him what on earth he was doing, he replied “hoovering up a tarantula”. Now I’m absolutely confident we do not have native tarantulas and unless he has decided to have one as a pet without telling me, there definitely was not a tarantula in his bedroom. But that left me wide awake for the next 2 hours.

There was some Top Gun action on Thursday during the I Love Lyme Day when the RAF Falcons Parachute Display Team dropped in, their flight was delayed due to the high winds and as they floated earthwards in perfect formation, they were caught out at the last minute when the high winds suddenly dropped but they were too low to do anything about it. One of them landed on a boat in the harbour, another made a perfect landing on North Wall that was worthy of James Bond however it was the 3 parachutists who landed in the sea that caused the biggest stir. Fortunately not in deep water, it was just over their knees, but their colleagues soon executed their rescue plan.

Garry the builder was certain they were female

Then there were the wing-walkers from the Flying Circus who did some incredible aerobatics looping the loop, flying upside down and sideways. Garry the builder was certain they were female given their “bendability” and that they could change position so effortlessly. Turns out he was right.

At the end of the week we had our screening of Everybody’s Talking About Jamie. Our tech wasn’t on hand to run this so duty manager Tom stepped up to the plate and soon had everything running like clockwork, despite his protestations I think he quite likes the challenge. Just as well really because he had to do it again on Saturday night with the Abba Forever Tribute Band and what a night that was, I didn’t sit down once, I was a non-stop wall-to-wall dancing queen. It was a sell-out performance but with our alcove spaces there was still plenty of room to dance. So my sister and I and my two nieces were doing our thing whilst the majority of the room sat obediently, although there was one little girl near the front who wasn’t so keen to sit still and she soon joined us with a few dance moves of her own.

I can’t remember the last time I had a hangover

Yes indeedy it was a great night but I have to say I didn’t feel quite so great the next day; drinking even just 2 proseccos on an empty stomach is not a good idea and I had three plus half a glass of wine when we went on to the Swim wine bar afterwards. I can’t remember the last time I had a hangover, I’m just pleased my son didn’t find any unusual creatures in his bedroom that required some early morning vacuuming.

I’m still looking into lavatories and I’m certain we don’t have native tarantulas in this country

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