I always wanted to be a teacher, right up to the point I left my all girls school and went to 6th form college and discovered there was a whole lot more out there than simply following in my mother’s footsteps. Much water has passed under that bridge since then and I now work in the wonderful world of theatre which more than satisfies my creative urges, but there is a little bit of teacher left inside.

when I heard the familiar douff douff of a football

The Marine Theatre has a ginormous wall that was once the sea wall until they built Gun Cliff Walk in 1992; it is a huge piece of Victorian engineering that kept the sea at bay. It is also evidently the best place in Lyme Regis to kick a ball against, trouble is there’s a large ornate light half way up, two very long drainpipes either side and a row of windows along the top, so when I heard the familiar douff douff of a football with an intermittent twang of metal being hit, with my school mistress hat on I was soon out on Theatre Square to see the offenders and shortly afterwards, down below asking them to avoid hitting the light, the drains and the windows. They were fine about it and promised they wouldn’t do it again.

We had our monthly volunteers’ meeting this week and other than the regular loo refurb update, there were the new theatre T-shirts to hand out. Black T-shirts with the Marine Theatre logo in white and very smart they look too. Of course there is an ‘except for’ coming up. Marketing isn’t genned up on sizes and thought a selection of ‘small’ and ‘medium’ would be OK for our lady vols. I needn’t tell you the small size would perhaps just about fit a slim 10 year old so there was much hilarity amongst the ladies who demonstrated just how small a ‘small’ is!

Meanwhile, in amongst the grotty weather, we had a day of warm sunshine on Tuesday so not wishing to miss the opportunity, I grabbed my swim stuff and headed down to the sea.

no slinky exit from the sea for me

Have you ever watched people coming out of the sea when it’s a stony beach? The contortions and grimaces as bare feet make their way over the skin-piercing surface are always amusing, so there was no slinky exit from the sea for me as I stumbled and bent this way and that trying to make it look like it was less painful than it really was.

The next day there was another group of teen boys and their football. This time I didn’t give them quite so long before I dropped down to ask them to avoid hitting the light, drainpipes and please don’t make it a challenge to kick the ball high enough to hit the windows.

with their road cone they had clearly become very fond of

We won’t talk about another group of teens who decided to take up residence in an area at the back of the theatre, along with their road cone they had clearly become very fond of carrying around.

“You should put a fence around it if you don’t want people going in” said one, clearly the 5ft solid stone wall they had to clamber over is not enough.

You know the sayings ‘Friday Feeling’ and ‘POETS’ day? Whilst I don’t think I have ever pushed off early, I do occasionally have a Friday Feeling and this time it was thanks to the ladies in the TIC and their famous prosecco parties.

Duty manager Tom was somewhat taken aback

After dishing up a pre-performance supper for the Cuban Brothers on Friday evening, I arrived at the beach hut for fish & chips with prosecco. The party was well underway with several empty bottles lined up then later everyone voted to head back to the Marine and hit the dance floor! Duty manager Tom was somewhat taken aback by the posse but with our wrist bands on we were soon in the thick of it doing our disco ting.

Still in the 2″ heels I’d been wearing all day, fortunately I had a pair of sensible shoes I changed into for the walk back to the car. Perhaps I should keep them at work ready to slip on when the teen footie lot arrive to teach them how to kick a ball without hitting the light, drains or windows.

Practising my inner teacher skills and enjoying another prosecco party with fish & chips
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