Alter-egos, cocktails and three little maids

Do you have an alter-ego? And if so, do you keep in check only to be let out on the odd occasion? Mine had a field day this week with social occasions at every turn.

My energetic week left me feeling very virtuous

My week started very energetically; not that it doesn’t always but this time it included an energetic walk into work. I don’t live all that far away but it’s just that bit too far to consider walking very often and especially when the weather is grotty as it was on Monday. I felt very virtuous as I strode under the theatre archway.

Drinking habits, our fabulous new loos and the massive water works; did you see what I did there?

Now I’m not known for my drinking habit, even during my clubbing days I was never much of a challenge. No I’m afraid I’m a bit of a light-weight when it comes to booze so with not one but two drinking opportunities this week, I’m thinking of abstaining for a while.

More uniform crush confessions, dreaming of Poldark & a nice ‘thank you’ card

The first Monday of the month is always a favourite of mine, no #MondayMorningBlues for this lady, I not only had the usual weekly newsletter to write for our Theatre Friends but it was time to write my column for Lyme Online

A week of emergencies and our crowd control could stand down

Bank Holiday Mondays always discombobulate me and this week such was my day-disarray I completely missed out on my usual Friday treat from the Aroma Coffee Shop. Things weren’t helped when the phones decided to stop working