Do you have an alter-ego? And if so, do you keep in check only to be let out on the odd occasion? Mine had a field day this week with social occasions at every turn.

There was Chelsea’s leaving do

Our winter programme launch party had to be postponed due to a mistake on the part of the printers so the first of my week’s socials didn’t happen but after that it was non-stop. There was Chelsea’s leaving do when she waved goodbye to the Tourist Information Centre to go off globetrotting. As you might expect a bottle or two of prosecco was enjoyed whilst we sat on the beach as the sun set behind the hills, then it was off to SWIM. Not you understand ‘to swim’, whilst I am looking forward to my autumn dip, it has to be when the sun is still shining warmly as I emerge, not at 6pm when the sun has dipped below the hilltops. No. I’m talking about the wine bar that overlooks the sea and on a Wednesday night does a burger meal with drink for a tenner and two-for-one cocktails, so it’s the ideal place to go for a leaving do.

We watched a magnificent harvest moon rise from behind Golden Cap and spread its expanding lunar beams across the sea like some enormous celestial lighthouse, we also saw a large group of nighttime swimmers emerge from the murky depths, their wrists clapped in luminous bands lest they should head in the wrong direction I guess.

I’m a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to art

Then there was the private preview evening at the Lyme Town Mill where a number of rooms have been transformed into a gallery for local artists and craftspeople. I’m a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to art, I really don’t get the likes of preserved animals and dirty bed clothes but put an interesting canvas that a talented artist has transformed into a world I feel I could step into a bit like Mary Poppins, then I’m happy to gaze at it for ages. More so when one of the exhibitors is our very own top-notch volunteer Jules Critchinson who has painted an extraordinary representation of the famous Cobb.

At the end of the week I headed east to Christchurch and the Regent Theatre. As children, my sisters and I were taken to many theatrical shows, non more so than Gilbert & Sullivan, so when my sister spotted they were performing The Mikado, we leapt at the chance and with just 10 minutes to spare by the time I had driven over, we enjoyed a brilliant show that took us both back to our childhood listening to our dear old dad singing ‘Three Little Maids’. Turns out Ko-Ko works at the same uni as my sister; you just never know where people you work with are going to turn up or what secrets they hold. She’s looking forward to the ‘well I never’ conversation by the vending machine.

Having broken in my killer heels at work

Then it was the big kahuna on Saturday; Nicca Kathren’s SWIM party; again, not swim as in sea, but as in the Wednesday night burger deal and cocktail place. I think there were a few raised eyebrows when I arrived; there’s nothing like bringing out your rarely seen alter-ego to give the people who think they know you a bit of a surprise. Having broken in my killer heels at work so I was at least able to walk without risking serious injury (if you ignore the fall I had in the shop trying on an even higher pair), after a couple of proseccos (yes, the TIC ladies were also there) I was soon up on the dance floor doing my thing without a single missed step.

Fortunately we don’t have a vending machine at the theatre but given Lyme Regis is probably about the same size as Bournemouth uni campus I may well have one or two ‘well I never’ conversations this week whilst my alter-ego once more fades into the background, can’t be giving too many surprises in this small town, I have a reputation to uphold!

Alter-egos, cocktails and three little maids
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