Now I’m not known for my drinking habit, even during my clubbing days I was never much of a challenge when it came to mother’s ruin or anyone else’s for that matter. No I’m afraid I’m a bit of a light-weight when it comes to booze so with not one but two drinking opportunities this week, I’m thinking of abstaining for a while.

The first one was a Marine Theatre soiree when we invited our brilliant volunteers along to socialise with our Trustees. Knowing I wouldn’t have time to get home and freshen up, I brought in a change of clothes that I hung on the back of one of the new ladies cubicle doors ready to do a Superman style swap from ‘working me’ to ‘soiree me’. I needn’t tell you they were still hanging on the back of the door the following day; with the last meeting of the day overrunning, people were starting to arrive ready to get the evening underway so not even enough time to brush my hair.

a G&T in a very large glass

My next drinking engagement was a lunchtime session at the still fairly new SWIM bar that is right on the seafront. Fortunately we chose the one day when it was really warm and sunny so we could sit on the terrace where we enjoyed a tasty lunch and a G&T in a very large glass to mark the final days of our toilet refurb. After all the hard work and tremendous effort on the part of Tom Southgate Building and Carpentry, it was time to celebrate a very great achievement. We now have some loos to be proud of!

Talking of water works, I went for a guided tour of the South West Water treatment works that is housed under Theatre Square. We can see the entrance to this huge fortification from our office windows and I have often wondered what goes on in there. So when they announced their annual ‘open day’ as part of the National Trust Heritage Open Days, I leapt at the chance.

our guide explained the reason for the submarine doors

It was fascinating to find out what goes on in there and the tanks that are designed to hold thousands, if not millions of gallons of water, are gigantic, our guide explained the reason for the submarine doors into the huge cavern was because the water level has been known to reach the roof. Looking at the enormous empty space, it was mind-blowing to imagine this.

But the hugeness of this tank is exceeded only by the remarkable depth the whole complex reaches, we were warned not to look down if we were at all height averse as we descended into the bowels of the works. With the miles of huge pipes going off in all directions and the grid platforms and stairs, it felt a bit like a scene out of Die Hard and I half expected to see Bruce Willis leap out in front of me. Fortunately they no longer store the hydrogen peroxide or caustic soda that they used to use for odour elimination, the two combined have the potential to cause the kind of explosion I’m not sure even Bruce would survive.

As ever Friday arrived at lightning speed but my weekend saw me heading back to the Marine with more people wanting to look at our beautiful theatre for their wedding reception venue. There is always talk about booze and what our bar manager Claire can do when it comes to that special wedding tipple, luckily Claire knows far more than I do about such things and anyway I’m on the wagon for the time being.

Drinking habits, our fabulous new loos and the massive water works; did you see what I did there?

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