My week started very energetically; not that it doesn’t always but this time it included an energetic walk into work. I don’t live all that far away but it’s just that bit too far to consider walking very often and especially when the weather is grotty as it was on Monday. But needs must and having no car due to it being MOT’d I had no choice, so with umbrella in hand I made the half hour journey. I felt very virtuous as I strode under the theatre archway.

My very kind and helpful “I’m not waiting any longer for you” eldest son gave me a lift later in the day to collect my car. Funny how you work your socks off waiting on your children hand and foot their entire lives but when the tables are turned and you ask them to help you out, all of a sudden there are conditions attached. Or maybe that’s just my children.

the one she liked the most was the Sheltie

Anyway, we had the incredible Chantel McGregor performing on Tuesday night. There is nothing like listening to a live performance and when you watch Chantel there is no doubting just how big a part music plays in her life, it was as if her guitar was an extension of her body, she was clearly enjoying every note she played as she wowed the audience with her explosive collection of pieces. She commented on the number of dogs there are in Lyme (there are quite a few that enjoy a paddle and run along the beach) and the one she liked the most was a Sheltie.

The next two nights we had the sell-out performance of that Cornwall comedian Jethro. The audience was roughly one third female and two thirds male but every one of them were in fits of laughter despite the rather bawdy humour!

The problem lay in getting them out

I did something this week I haven’t done since the beginning of July, I took a day off work to get those jobs done you keep putting off, like the optician for an eyesight test and contact lens fit. I haven’t worn contacts in years so the optician made sure I could remember how to put them in. No problem there. The problem lay in getting them out.

That afternoon I had my nails painted, a real treat, and she did a wonderful job. Trouble is with long painted nails is they are not the best things for removing contact lenses. You really need the blunt end of your fingers rather then the long red sharp ends of nails. So after several minutes of trying different methods of extraction, I eventually managed to remove the flimsy little caps, leaving my eyes sore and bloodshot. I’ve added Optrex to my shopping list!

it might be worth rethinking using names that no one knows how to pronounce

The UK has started the storm alphabet again this week. I can’t remember the name of storm ‘Z’ but after ‘Storm Ali’ we had ‘Storm Bronagh’. Not sure who thinks up these names but it might be worth rethinking using names that no one knows how to pronounce, especially as the whole purpose behind the naming game is so people take more of an active interest in our weather pattern.

On Friday the Invisible Music performers arrived early in the morning and by mid afternoon they were running through their lighting schedule which meant I couldn’t go to my usual lunchtime spot in the backstage dressing room for fear of walking into or tripping over something. So I went up into the Marine Bar where the sun was streaming through the window and now that Ali and Bronagh had moved away, there was a beautiful glistening blue sky to finish the week.

there was sleet mixed in with the pouring rain

But it seems the A and B storms swept away the remnants of our summer. Standing on the sidelines at the Gillingham RUFC on Sunday watching the Bripdort Under 15s rugby team being mullered by the North Dorset lot, the loyal parent supporters were frozen to the core by the strong northerly and I kid you not, there was sleet mixed in with the pouring rain and whilst I was sorely tempted to retreat to my car where it was warm and dry, I stood steadfastly along with the other mums and dads, I’m thinking of adding this duty to my list when it comes time for son number 2 to start returning the favours.

My energetic week left me feeling very virtuous
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