The first Monday of the month is always a favourite of mine, no #MondayMorningBlues for this girl, I not only have the usual weekly newsletter to write for our Theatre Friends but it was time to write my column for Lyme Online. They have a fortnightly paper edition and once a month I write ‘A Month at the Marine’. It’s always fun to recap on what’s been going on at our little theatre by the sea and I understand there are one or two people who quite enjoy reading it.

Fudge’s Fire Water was banned, probably due to its opium content

This month I talk about more uniform crush confessions, not I hasten to add, from me, but from one or two of our wonderful volunteers whilst we were taking a break from our efforts during the Candles on the Cobb. There’s also mention of ye olde Bridport cure-all called Fudge’s Cough Syrup aka Fudge’s Fire Water that was banned, probably due to its opium content.

It was all about Poldark for me

Talking of going back in time, there was a beautiful 3 masted ship that anchored in Lyme Regis bay, it was the tall ship ‘Tenacious’ on its annual trip between Dartmouth and Portsmouth. She is a real beauty and conjures up images of the romantic and adventurous days of the seafarer, though if I’m honest, it was all about Poldark for me.

Anyway, seafaring heroes apart, this week has been all about our winter brochure, we are on a strict deadline to get the programme published. This is always an exciting time when we focus on the great acts and performers coming up in the next few weeks and I can tell you there are some real corkers. We are planning our winter programme launch party for later this month.

me standing by with the theatre defibrillator

I had a lovely ‘thank you’ card from a dear old couple who had a bit of a scare during a day-trip to Lyme. The husband thought he was having a heart attack so the Lyme Regis community swung into action with me standing by with the theatre defibrillator, the ladies in the Tourist Information Centre alerting the RNLI lifeguards who were down on the sandy beach but soon arrived to help the poor old gent until the ambulance arrived. As it happens he wasn’t having a heart attack but it was pretty scary for them, after a cuppa and choccy bici in the theatre they were pleased to be heading home rather than Dorchester Hospital.

Our loos; you must know we are going through a major refurb of the theatre lavatories, well this week the new doors were put in place, trouble is I completely forgot to put a ‘ladies’ and ‘gents’ sign on the doors and given the loos have been swapped around, this hopefully didn’t cause too much embarrassment for our audience who came to watch the screening of Julie on Thursday evening! I’m sure Duty Manager Tom made sure everyone was up to speed with the changes.

There was a wedding reception at the theatre at the weekend and they arrived midday Friday to set up. It’s always a nice feeling when the bride and groom-to-be are put completely at ease by our fab techie Pete who completely takes over the burden of setting everything up for them so they have a stress-free day. Tom was roped in to shift the theatre chairs out of the way, assuring me it would be no great shakes to transport over 100 chairs from the theatre to the Hub.

It will of course need a new dress

I have a cocktail party coming up later this month. Can’t remember the last time I wore a posh frock, actually that’s not true, I can remember the last two times, one of which was my children’s book launch in 2012 and the other was my trip to Buckingham Palace in the spring, but other than those I can’t remember. It will of course need a new dress and shoes, oh and a handbag and maybe one or two pieces of jewellery and a hair-do, I have a suspicion there will be much to report in my next monthly column.

More uniform crush confessions, dreaming of Poldark & a nice ‘thank you’ card
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