We had not one but two big announcements this week; both as a result of our audience survey.

Our first one was to cut the cost of our Box Office booking fee from a 10% charge to 50p for tickets under £10 and £1 for tickets over £10. The other big event was opening the theatre’s own Box Office on Wednesday morning from 9am to 12pm so people could buy tickets from us with NO BOOKING FEE AT ALL! John in marketing made up a smart new sign and we found a wonderful old school type bell, (you know the sort of thing, the one they always rang at break time) and I fully expected to be overrun with people rushing to buy their fee-free tickets but there were just 3 people who turned up and two of them arrived at ten past 12.

It was also a very murky and misty morning on Wednesday, you couldn’t see Portland at all and could only just see the rest of the coastline and I wondered how long it would be before I’m walking to work in the dark. I remember last winter feeling a bit like a vampire arriving and leaving in the pitch black.

I finally got round to putting my car up for sale. I’ve decided to get rid of the bike, surf board, skate board carrying estate and buy something a bit smaller and sporty. I left early on Thursday to take someone for a test drive, well I say early, 5pm is the end of the working day for most but it’s early for me. Anyway it meant I could stop by and say hello to Nicca Kathren, she of the brilliant cocktail party, to ask her when she was planning to have the next one. Sadly not until next year, but at least that will be enough time to wear in another pair of killer heels.

Plastic Free Lyme had a show on Thursday, they had made some brilliant giant jelly fish out of umbrellas, crepe paper and ribbons that they hung from the rigging making the Marine auditorium look like the bottom of the ocean.

Son number 2 tried to teach me how to ‘floss’ that night. No, nothing to do with dental hygiene and everything to do with the dance that involves moving your arms very quickly in one direction and then the other. I thought I could try it out at the Jon Pleased Wimmin gig on Friday night. I’m going to have to keep practising, it’s a very difficult dance to master.

We had a very exciting meeting with Danny Boyle’s team to discuss his ‘beach takeover’ to honour the World War 1 soldiers. We are one of just 30 beaches who are taking part and other than Weymouth, the only location on our part of the coast so it’s very exciting.

I had another great night out with the ladies from the Tourist Information Centre and yes, there was prosecco and my week finished with what must surely be my last sea swim for 2018, definitely turning a bit chilly and because I’m getting my car valeted tomorrow I don’t have to worry about the soggy salt mark I left on the seat. I may well have to resort to seat covers for my new car but at least there won’t be any dirty bike wheel scuffs or skateboards rolling around on the back seat.

Big announcements, beach takeover and soggy salty car seats.

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