I was given a surprise gift this week by one of our lovely volunteers who had thought about me when she read my column in Lyme Online. The gift was a very fine mug for my morning cuppa with an even finer mug printed on the side of it, that of the tall dark and handsome, dashing and daring Poldark. My elevenses will never be quite the same now that I can sip from the top of his head.

Talking of drama, I went along to the Apothecary open mic night; I haven’t been in weeks. It was great to see all my old poetry friends but also quite a few new ones and as ever there was an interesting assortment of poetry and prose.

soon warmed up enough for us to have the office door open

We had a very warm and balmy day when the temperature climbed to a sunny 18 and people were wandering about outside with T-shirts and shorts, our little office that overlooks the sea and enjoys the sunshine throughout the day soon warmed up enough for us to have the office door open into the sink hole that is the auditorium to cool us down.

I went along to the Lyme Regis Town Council meeting that night. I arrived to find the public gallery had been cleared so the council could discuss the plans they have for the roof area above the SWIM cocktail bar. Half an hour later we were allowed back in and the rest of the agenda was covered. Councillor Jeff Scowen stopped to chat afterwards and told me all about his near complete redecoration of his flat, the hanging of his personal works of art being the finishing touches; it sounds very plush and I’m waiting for the invite to the grand-opening.

my team came joint 2nd

I was persuaded to take part in the Pilot Boat Quiz Night. Quiz nights have never appealed, partly because I really am not very good at them and generally get the answers wrong, but my team came joint 2nd which is pretty respectable.

I reckon that warm day we had earlier in the week was the precursor to Storm Callum that arrived with high winds and even higher seas. It was quite spectacular to see the waves building and rising before crashing over the Cobb and high wall. The office windows as always were opaque with sea spray.

Luckily it wasn’t raining when the chairs arrived for the wedding party that weekend, from midday onward the bride and groom’s family arrived to decorate the theatre with pretty paper lanterns and beautiful gold l’armee table cloths.

Within minutes I received a message from Sky News

But what about that Storm Callum?! I did what all self-respecting citizen journalists do and posted a short film on Twitter of the incredible sea that was crashing into shore. Within minutes I received a message from Sky News who had seen my footage and asked if they could interview me. Wanting to be the daring reporter I had always dreamt I should be, I suggested reporting direct from the seafront.

Three hours later and two failed attempts to Skype them from the Cobb, we threw in the towel and gave up.

I wonder if there is a #TopSkyNewsReporter mug I could get? It’s no competition for Poldark but it would be a nice addition to my coffee cup collection.

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