The moment October arrives that’s it, you may as well hang your stocking on the mantle piece and start wolfing down handfuls of Celebrations (except the Bounty ones, no one likes those). I really don’t know what has happened to this year, it has raced by.

Jeff Scowen is very excited about his latest creation

One of the ways we mark time at the Marine is the publication of our theatre programme that comes out each quarter and this week we had our Winter Programme launch party, yet it seems only a short while since we were outside enjoying the July sunshine for our Summer Programme launch. Anyway it was a very successful night with a great atmosphere and the guests included our very supportive Theatre Friends, fantastic volunteers, trustees, staff and a member of the town council who is also a reggae DJ and more recently, artist. Jeff Scowen is very excited about his latest creation, ‘The Fossil Hunter’, that is dedicated to Lyme’s Mary Anning.

The second batch of theatre T-shirts for our Front of House team of volunteers arrived this week. The problem with the first lot was with the sizes, but then the definition of small/medium/large seems to vary from place to place; even our most diminutive vol only just fitted into a medium. I’m sure it never used to be like that and ‘sizes are only a guide’ has become an excuse for manufacturers to mass produce any old size. Anyway, they are very smart and John in marketing is very pleased with them.

I’m just so relieved I don’t have to worry about that anymore

There was definitely a time warp on Thursday, it started off OK but then suddenly it was mid afternoon and theatre director Gabby had to think about the school run. I’m just so relieved I don’t have to worry about that anymore. I can remember when I was still enjoying the happy banter of my young sons en route to school when friends with older children would say how nice it was not to have to think about it anymore and me saying how sad it was to admit such a thing and how I was sure I would miss it. Funny how your mind changes!

When I arrived at my usual time of 8am on Friday, it was one of those idyllic peaceful autumn mornings, there were very few people around and the tide was quite low and calm with the waves gently rolling in so they just kissed the shore before retreating back out to sea creating an almost imperceptible ripple across the surface of the shallow water.

are generally about the size of a cigar when I roll them

But from lunchtime the calm was replaced with a hive of activity as Tom Robinson and his band arrived; Gabby set off to buy everything they needed for their rider and our technician set up the sound and lights. As it was getting on for 3 o’clock I stopped for lunch and decided to treat myself to a wrap from the just opened pop-up cafe run by Ali of Dottie Kitchen; now my wraps are generally about the size of a cigar when I roll them, Ali’s on the other hands are the size of an entire loaf stuffed with a delicious concoction of vegetables, oozing yogurt with several other ingredients which is just a well because by the time I left it was nearly 10pm and I had to make do with Ryvita and cream cheese for supper.

In the meantime, because I was a bit concerned about the low number of vols Front of House and the high number of punters, I put out a call-to-arms to our fabulous vols, being the wonderful supportive lot they are, they arrived in their droves to help, all of them sporting some very smart new T-shirts!

Time flies and size is in the eye of the manufacturer
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