Winter made a grand entrance this week; it wasn’t just the clocks going back an hour to Greenwich Mean Time but right on cue we had some incredibly cold nights resulting in icy windscreens the following morning. Of course I didn’t have to worry about that because I no longer have a car and something occurred to me a couple of days after I had sold it, I completely forgot about all the stuff I had left in the various compartments. There are at least two high-viz jackets, a map book and plenty of 10, 20 and 50 pence pieces for parking.

I find that when November arrives my thoughts start to turn to Christmas. The August bank holiday when the likes of Tesco start filling their shelves is ridiculously early and annoys me no end, but come November with its firework night and frosty mornings, it’s OK to think about it. It was the Lyme Regis Tourist Information Centre that started me off because they have set up their charity card sale table.

I don’t know if the cold weather has something to do with it but we have enjoyed some spectacular sunrises and sunsets recently with the most gorgeous colours from apricot to candy floss pink. That along with the sea mist that rises like a mythical serpent from the murky depths sending up wispy entrails, creates a wonderfully bewitching scene each morning I arrive at the Marine Theatre.

Talking of which, it was my birthday this week; I’m a Halloween baby and whilst I now think it’s quite cool I was bullied mercilessly at school despite my feeble attempts to pretend to be a real witch so I could cast spells on my perpetrators.

I went for my 6 weekly hair appointment and surprisingly persuaded my son to drive me there. I warned him what time he needed to pick me up from work (remember I have no car) but instead of him being late, it was me because I suddenly remembered I had to print the cast sheet for the screening of Alan Bennett’s Allelujah! we were showing that night so by the time I had printed enough copies I was running 10 minutes late.

I also arranged to test drive a car at a dealership in Cardiff. As the crow flies it wasn’t that far to drive, but when Cardiff City is playing Leicester City at the Cardiff City Stadium and Scotland is playing Wales at the Principality Stadium, the entire murder of crows could have flown to Scotland and back in the time it took us to crawl across the city. Perfect timing!

It was the deadline for my monthly Lyme Online column this week. It’s always fun thinking up the theme and this week, in the spirit of Christmas, it was was all about gifts. you may recall one of our wonderful volunteers, after reading my column that mentioned my adoration of Poldark, very kindly brought back a mug with an image of the man himself wrapped around it. So I figured on the off chance Audi might be reading the column this week, I mentioned it was an A3 cabriolet soft top I was after.

It is very near to Christmas after all…

The clocks go back so it’s time to think about Christmas & my new car

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