Winter proper arrived in Dorset this week; I commented on Tuesday how very cold it felt and that it was close to gloves weather then within 24 hours there were reports of snow fall in Toller Porcorum (I saw the video evidence) and the following day in Dorchester. I wonder how many people rushed to the bookies to place a bet for a white Christmas…is that still a thing or do gamblers do it all online now? In fact, is there anything you can’t do online nowadays? Answers on a postcard please…or online.

I’ve been caught out on a couple of occasions

I went along to a very interesting meeting at the Lyme Baptist Church of the Dorset and East Devon Litter Free Coast & Sea campaign who are working hard to reduce marine and beach litter. The theatre was given a special award in recognition of its efforts to reduce waste and as part of that we now have an environmental policy to help everyone focus on doing their bit, from remembering to turn off the lights (the new ladies loos have a movement sensor so the lights are on only when someone is in there. I’ve been caught out on a couple of occasions when I haven’t moved for a bit and they go off which can be slightly unnerving, especially if it’s after 4pm when it starts to get dark outside).

Anyway, I digress. There were several other local businesses there including the wonderful Aroma Cafe, supplier of my weekly cappuccino, who offer a discount to encourage people to take in their own cups to refill. There was also a guest house owner, the incredibly hard working Magic Oxygen Books and digital printer Adrian Wood from Dorchester and a couple from Poole who are setting up a similar campaign over there. It was very encouraging to see so many people on board.

It’s a complicated science that calls for a good ear

We had some great music at the Marine this week with the Gigspanner Big Band on Wednesday and the Simmertones Friday. It’s always great fun listening to the sound check as they tune up and work out just how far the sound travels. It’s a complicated science that calls for a good ear; it all sounded perfect to me but when I took a quick peek, Andrea, the PA was adjusting the sound levels, walking around the auditorium to get it pitch perfect.

now that’s something you can’t do online

My week ended on a very big high when I collected my new car. Remember I sold mine a few weeks ago and I’ve been scrounging lifts from people and making do with small local food shops eversince. But I’m pleased to say I have wheels once more. Of course if my prediction comes true and we end up having a severe winter then I will be car-less again but then so too will everyone else and if truth be known, there’s something quite exciting about having a face-off with the elements. now that’s something you can’t do online!

Snow fall, our environmental policy and I finally get my wheels

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