The embargo was finally lifted this week. There were only 3 of us who knew but now the secret is out.

On Monday Gabby and I laid out all the chairs in the auditorium to work out the best arrangement. I received a facetious text from our duty manager that night when he came in to open up for the Marine Players so they could rehearse for Christmas Carol, something along the lines of thanks for the heads-up that all the chairs would be out and when I told him they needed to stay out so we could calculate a seating plan, he very obediently put them all back after the rehearsal.

It was a cold week, I had to switch on the small plug-in radiator on several occasions but the trouble is it takes for ever to warm up and an equal amount of time to cool down. So you need to layer up for the first half hour whilst the office warms up then remember to reduce the thermostat in plenty of time so it doesn’t get too hot resulting in us having to open the office door into the Arctic sink hole that is the auditorium to cool the room down. I seem to have a reputation now for being a bit of a hot-house flower as everyone who comes in makes a pointed observation about how warm it is in there, but they are generally people who are dressed like Eskimos and warm from an energetic walk up or down one of the many hills that make up Lyme Regis.

Mr Darcy Loses the Plot

We enjoyed the brilliant performance of Withering Looks, a parody of the more familiarly known Wuthering Heights and I haven’t laughed that much in weeks, possibly even months. The theatre group, Lip Service brought Mr Darcy Loses the Plot to the Marine last year and that was equally hilarious.

The strong winds and high tide did their thing and by Tuesday the waves were once again mountainous as they flung themselves up and over the Cobb and high wall exploding in showers of thousands of gallons of sea water. By Friday half the beach had been flung up onto the walkway and there was some concern about the amount of sand that had been dragged off the sandy beach given the Danny Boyle ‘Pages of the Sea’ was due to take place on the Sunday. The social media pages were awash with images of stones, sand and various flotsam and jetsam that had been hurtled into shore.

Billy Bragg would be closing the open mic session

It was confirmed that Billy Bragg would be closing the open mic session and the sand picture would be Gurkha soldier Kulbir Thapa.

Anyway, going back to the embargo. This was finally lifted on Friday morning at 10am and from that moment everything went berserk as everyone tried to buy tickets to come along to the Sir Ian McKellen performance that is taking place next July at the Marine. The funny thing is, when we were screening King Lear that starred Sir Ian, there were some people who thought he was going to be performing King Lear in the flesh and of course we had to explain it was actually a live screening and as if Sir Ian would ever find the time to come to our little theatre by the sea..! Though we, of course knew better.

We had sold out within a few hours and the waiting list is growing as people try to secure tickets for this fantastic unique experience.

I needed no excuse to join the ladies from the TIC for Prosecco Friday

So by Friday evening I needed no excuse to join the ladies from the Tourist Information Centre for Prosecco Friday in the Pilot Boat and we were soon putting the world to rights coming up with solutions to all the local and national problems.

I finished the weekend with an impromptu performance at the Pages of the Sea event when I took part in the open mic session. I had to think fast and found a poem I had written back in 2014 about children going off to war. I think I did OK, despite the fact there were several hundred people in the audience, it was a cold November afternoon and we were on the seafront. But then having performed at the Apothecary open mic nights at Bridport, I think it put me in good stead for most public performances.

Talking of which, you’ll be interested in next week’s post, I have something planned but there’s an embargo on it until Friday at the earliest.

Embargoes, Danny Boyle’s Pages of the Sea and Prosecco Friday

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