Uni-sex loos, pop-up tents & networking

What do you think of uni-sex loos? I’ve touched on this topic before, always with a pair of Marigolds on, personally I don’t like them. However, if the Pilot Boat had them, then there would have been no need for an apology to the town clerk. More about that later.

A Christmas Carol, Christmas presents and the first of the Christmas parties

This past week has been all about the Marine Players and their performance of ‘A Christmas Carol’. They arrived on Sunday for their ‘get-in’ and brought with them costumes, scenery and masses and masses of chocolates and sweets

Oliver Ford Davies, Ian Gillan, the National Theatre and a trip to London where I got stuck in the bathroom

Film stars, rock stars, jazz stars and one of the most famous London clubs on the circuit. What an incredible week it has been!