What do you think of uni-sex loos? I’ve touched on this topic before, always with a pair of Marigolds on, personally I don’t like them. However, if the Pilot Boat had them, then there would have been no need for an apology to the town clerk. More about that later.

Anyway, where’d the last 3 weeks go? I knew it was going to be a challenge updating my blog each week which is why I didn’t even attempt it, but I never expected 21 days to fly past at such supersonic speed. Not that I’m making excuses but if I tell you we had to move our bed from the lounge to a pop-up tent in the loft so we had somewhere to sit during Christmas, alongside getting the ceiling plastered, the walls stripped, the wiring finished and of course there’s everyday life, then you’ll nod in a sage-like ‘oh, I see now why you haven’t been here lately’ kind of way.

it was a very special intimate evening

Other than the chaos that is home life, it was the Jazz Jurassica party that kicked the Christmas season off then I went to an excellent piano recital at Tincleton Gallery with Katherine Lam and Duncan Honeybourne playing and with just 30 or so people in the audience, it was a very special intimate evening that made me realise just how much I love ‘live’ music so I’ll be doing a whole lot more in 2019.

That night was also our first night in the pop-up tent bed…I do NOT plan to be doing a whole lot more of that in the new year.

Networking: what a great invention, so much better when you remember someone’s name

There was also quite a bit going on at the Marine Theatre. There was the Lyme Regis Development Trust Christmas buffet lunch at the Hub where I saw some familiar faces and a few new ones. Networking: what a great invention, so much better when you remember someone’s name – there’s a knack to that; one way is to associate the person’s face with an unusual image. Trouble is, by the time I’ve thought of the image, I’ve forgotten their name and saying the next time you meet them “I remember you, I can’t remember your name but I do remember imagining you on a surf board with a lump of brie on your shoulder” just doesn’t cut it.

We had our latest programme launch party that was a big success with our Theatre Friends, councillors, staff, volunteers, patrons and sponsors all enjoying the mulled wine and mince pies. The crackers topped with brie and cranberry that bar manager Claire had made went quicker than you could say Santa got stuck up the chimney!

Then there was the firm’s Christmas party.

The last time I went to a company ‘do’ was during my City days when everyone took the afternoon off work and several bottles were open by 3pm so by comparison the Marine Theatre party was extremely tame with me going off to the hairdresser at 4 o’clock.

prosecco and whiskey do not go together

It was a 4-parter that started in the Marine Bar with Gabby serving prosecco cocktails (note to self, prosecco and whiskey do not go together, even with some brown sugar added that made an awful mess when it frothed over the top of the glass), then onto the main event at the Pilot Boat where there was the incident in the gents loos…I was disorientated and it was very crowded, okay; then along to SWIM (that’s the cocktail bar, not the activity) in the hope of some good dance music and I can tell you it’s no easy thing to walk along Marine Parade in high heels when you’ve had a prosecco or two, even worse when you finally get there only to discover it is shut! So it was back to the Marine Bar where we soon began to fizzle out, but it was getting on for midnight by then.

I know, what a bunch of lightweights.

Then there is my car, or perhaps that should be isn’t. It developed a mechanical failure enroute to my 2 day spa break which meant no more car and no spa. I was gutted about both.

I decorated the theatre just in time for the Lyme Regis Musical Theatre’s two days of fundraising. Then later in the week there was our family film double bill and community free film, It’s a Wonderful Life, which is always popular.

Suddenly it was Christmas Eve and just as I was about to think about shutting up shop around lunchtime, a couple who had got engaged just 24 hours earlier, asked if there was any chance of looking round the theatre as a possible venue for their reception. How could I refuse? The Marine Theatre is the most perfect place for a celebration and I love showing people round so of course they could come.

Christmas Day, Boxing Day and the ‘twixt days seemed to merge into a melee of food, chocolates, prosecco and pampering as we hurtled towards the end of 2018.

I plan to start it as I mean to go on

I’m not making any New Year resolutions, but I do plan to start it as I mean to go on…I’m going to do the Lyme Lunge on New Year’s Day. Never done anything like it before but I’m all for new experiences in 2019. I’m already planning the firm’s Christmas party; it’ll have a gender-neutral loo and enough entertainment laid on so we won’t need to walk far for the dance floor.

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