National Hug day, Blue Monday & the Lyme Siege

What I want to know is, who decides what day should be dedicated to what event and who made hugging a thing anyway? I didn’t hug anyone on Monday when it was National Hug Day but then I’m not convinced the suggestion to hug a stranger is actually legal in this day and age

Lists, instructions & dirty boys

As you know, I’m one for lists. I have master lists, interim lists, sub-divided lists and occasional ad hoc lists. I also have copious notes in a variety of notebooks, scraps of paper and always various hand written aide memoire

Christmas trees, the cat and mice & our wedding licence

The first full working week of the year and for many it was their first day back to work after a long Christmas/New Year break. With a combination of illness and holiday, I had the office to myself for much of the week so a good opportunity to sort stuff out that needed some extra desk space.

The Lyme Lunge, a long walk home & hopefully my car is fixed

It’s been a Bassett’s sort of week as we moved from one year to the next.