The first full working week of the year and for many it was the first day back to work after a long Christmas/New Year break. With a combination of illness and holiday, I had the office to myself for much of the week so a good opportunity to sort stuff out that needed some extra desk space.

Mondays are always quite lively

But Mondays are always quite lively especially when our trio of volunteers come in to distribute posters around town. There’s a lot of banter and chit-chat that fills a corner of the auditorium as they laminate and put everything in date order. Come wind, rain or shine, Julie, Margaret and Linda have become a familiar sight as they make their way up Broad Street and along Marine Parade pulling their trolley behind them loaded with posters, pens a staple gun and sticky tape. They always call in to one of the coffee shops en route for a restorative drink and slice of cake and depending on the number of posters they have, we frequently don’t see them again until mid afternoon!

Do any of you remember TC the theatre cat? He spent a short time treading the boards to help keep the mice at bay; he lives with the ex-bar manager now and judging by the size of him, is leading a very sedentary life and you know what happens when the cat’s away…which is when I found out mice like Bounty Bars which is great because no one else does and they are always the ones left in the tub of Celebrations. One of our tech guys laid the traps and it’s my responsibility to check them each morning. I know, I get all the best jobs.

…it’s not unusual to see the skeletal remains of Christmas past lying at the back of houses come Easter

Talking of Christmas, since local councils stopped their kerbside collection of trees, it’s not unusual to see the skeletal remains of Christmas past lying at the back of houses come Easter time and now I no longer have my old Touran estate and I refuse to carry any dirty rubbish to the tip in my car and especially not something that will deposit pine needles that I will still be finding in years to come. Anyway, our other techie, Pete, gave me the heads-up that our local firefighter crew cum window cleaners cum Christmas tree putter-uppers and taker-downers were removing the town trees so I wasted no time in tracking them down and they happily agreed to take our tree if I left it out for them in the gap between the museum and the council chambers. Not wishing to look a Christmas gift horse in the mouth, within minutes I was dragging our tree down the road.

Being the first week back, there were meetings aplenty; our 125th anniversary committee, the Marine Players, wedding caterers and I ended up popping over to Poole to talk about funding for Dorset Youth Theatre. Then it was a dash back to Lyme to join the Plastic Free Lyme Regis group for their annual soiree.

You can also get hitched in the Marine Bar

The paperwork for our wedding licence arrived from Dorset Council, we can now hold the actual wedding ceremony at the theatre and not just in the auditorium. You can also get hitched in the Marine Bar or under the balcony, so a setting to suit every happy couple. We always have so many people asking if they can be married in the theatre and there are already two weddings booked. So very exciting!

The end of the week brought Tom, our Duty Manager, into the auditorium; he wanted to play around with chair layouts for the next Marine Players performance. It’s going to be fascinating to see how this production unfolds, not just because of the theme – the Lyme Siege – but Tom himself is going to direct it. You may not know this but our Tom trod the boards in a previous life so directing the latest MP’s show is right up his street. I’ve already played a role – I was used as a prop to see if everyone would be able to see the ‘stage’ from every seat in the house…better than checking mouse traps I suppose.

Christmas trees, the cat and mice & our wedding licence
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