As you know, I’m one for lists. I have master lists, interim lists, sub-divided lists and occasional ad hoc lists. I also have copious notes in a variety of notebooks, scraps of paper and always various hand written aide memoire on my desk and this week I have an ancillary aide memoire covering the instructions I was given by our techie on Monday to operate our LANsat system for the National Theatre Live test screening.

I now have a blow-by-blow account of how to switch it on, find the right settings and configure the system using the parameters sent by NTL. I’m getting to know all the right techno jargon and the correct sequence of buttons to press. My instruction sheets now run into several pages.

I’ve included our Environmental Policy

Talking of instructions, we are in the throws of setting up our new website and marketing asked if there was anything I wanted to add. I’ve included our Environmental Policy summary, the full policy document is in a file and I have made a supplementary list for staff and volunteers so they can find out at a glance what we should all be doing.

I had a number of meetings with caterers we are inviting to join our recommended list for wedding parties. I had hoped there might be a few samples they would bring along for us to try but there wasn’t so much as a cheese straw, although we have been invited over to their restaurant to get the full experience. Quite vital I’d say.

I ended up with The Greatest Show ear worm

We’ve added some great blockbuster films to our schedule including A Star is Born and the sing-along version of The Greatest Showman. As it happens I rather like this feel-good film and I also have the CD in my car. Trouble was, after so much Hugh Jackman I ended up with The Greatest Show ear worm for the rest of the day and night.

If you’ve been to the Marine Theatre, you will have seen our collection boxes dotted around. They were handmade by a predecessor and are in the design of the theatre, so they are really very quaint. I empty them maybe once every 9 months or so and this time there was £45 in loose change which is brilliant considering it was made up of loads of small coins. Although I’m not convinced the post office was that impressed when I rocked up with bags of 5 and 2p’s. But as that supermarket we all know and love says, every penny counts.

I hadn’t reckoned on bringing back 3 mud-caked boys

In other news, I have managed to go a full week without anything going wrong with my car, in fact I gave it a good clean inside and out at the weekend and put new car mats in the footwells. Of course I hadn’t reckoned on bringing back 3 mud-caked boys from their rugby match on Sunday. Suffice to say I have added ‘car seat covers’ to my list.

Lists, instructions & dirty boys

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