I failed miserably on the ‘day’ front.

But what I want to know is, who decides what day should be dedicated to what event and who made hugging a thing anyway? I didn’t hug anyone on Monday when it was National Hug Day but then I’m not convinced the suggestion to hug a stranger is actually legal in this day and age, or any previous era for that matter. I’m not sure Lyme Regis is quite ready for an overly familiar theatre manager to go about hugging random people. Anyway I couldn’t think of anything for Robert Burns Day on Friday for that matter, other than some Scottish shortbread to go with my end of the week treat from the Aroma coffee shop and even then I forgot to walk up to the Co-op to buy a packet.

it was also Blue Monday on the same day

Apparently it was also blue Monday on the same day as the hugging day but then I’m certain the previous Monday was also blue; one suggestion is that it relates to the amount of time everyone has to wait until the first payday of the year after bankrupting themselves during Christmas…that’s the same for me every payday.

I was expecting snowmaggedon this week. Following in the wake of my prediction of a white Christmas which didn’t happen, we had a very frosty morning, albeit 4 weeks after my prediction and everyone’s car was covered in ice. I had wisely parked on the sheltered side of the car park so whilst the rest of the early birds were scraping, spraying or waiting for their air conditioning to take effect, I was already driving down the road to work. Mind you, I took it very slowly given the layer of slippery white that had coated the road overnight.

Tom has decided much of the action is going to happen on the flat

We had the first night of auditions for people to see if they were up to the latest Marine Players production. Our Duty Manager, Tom, who also has a talent in the acting and directing world, had set the scene with a circle of chairs in the auditorium and just as I was leaving the candidates were arriving. They are performing ‘The Western Women’ , it tells the story of the Lyme Siege and Tom has decided much of the action is going to happen on the ‘flat’ rather than the stage so the audience can feel part of the action. I’ve seen a few plays at the Marine that happen ‘in the round’, as it’s also called, and it does make a difference to the whole feel of the play, so it will be interesting to see how it pans out.

Anyway, going back to the freezing conditions, I decided it was a good time to insulate the outside tap given the freezing temperatures. I’ve had a length of climaflex pipe poked down the side of our photocopier for the past 3 months, in the hope one of our techs would offer to do the job. Clearly I am far too subtle with my suggestions because they haven’t offered so the day after the big freeze I was outside with a pair of scissors and some gaffer tape and I soon had the whole thing snuggly wrapped up.

99.9% of the children will be snowball fighting

There followed a couple of days of warm spring weather but I’m certain things are going to turn icy cold pretty soon. Remember last year – it was March when we were hit with several inches of the white stuff, I ended up abandoning my car as I, along with many others, was caught out by the snowfall. My son’s school has already issued weather warnings and that they will do what they can to keep the school open, seems a bit pointless given 99.9% of the children will be snowball fighting, snowman building or tobogganing. No need to think of a name for it but I will guarantee there won’t be a blue child amongst them, well except from the freezing cold…but a hug should sort that out.

National Hug day, Blue Monday & the Lyme Siege

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